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December 21, 2006 at 9:56 pm (Rock)

Yo!! It has been a great year for Talking Metal and you can expect 2007 to be even better. In November we received over 2.4 million hits to talkingmetal.com and striglsmusicnews.com (which are the same site)

Many of our podcast MP3s are actually stored on captaint.com and they are getting downloaded like crazy!!! So far, our Rob Halford episode has already clocked in with over 4500 downloads!!! We have been receiving mentions in major magazines and newspapers such as Revolver and the Washington Post!

In 2007 will be starting a major sponsorship with a really big awesome company. It also looks like we will be teaming up once again with VH1.com for more Talking Metal video podcasts on the V-Spot.

Some of my favorite podcasts – The Rock N Roll Geek show and the Mediocre show have recently done some pretty cool video podcasts and Talking Metal hope to get some to you too in the 1st half of 2007. <check out the “311 concert” Mediocre show podcast, it is funny as shit. 311 suck ass>

Support podcasts and support the sponsors of podcasts. Downloadable media is giving you the option to control the entertainment world. It is an awesome time to be alive.

Fast Facts

• TalkingMetal.com receives over 2 million hits per month.

• Talking Metal is the number one Metal podcast on Apple’s iTunes.

• Talking Metal has listeners in over 100 countries.

• VH1 calls the Talking Metal hosts “Metal Experts.”

• Revolver Magazine calls Talking Metal “metal’s reigning podcast champs.”

• VH1 teamed up with Talking Metal for the “Talking Metal at Rock Honors” video podcasts available on VH1.com.

• Talking Metal hosts Mark Strigl and John Ostronomy are “talking heads” on VH1 programs including “100 Most Metal Moments,” “40 Least Metal Moments,” and “40 Freakiest Concert Moments.”

• Emmy Award winning host, Mark Strigl, and host John Ostronomy have written, produced, and consulted on numerous MTV and VH1 television shows and DVDs.

• Talking Metal’s diverse group of guests have included Aerosmith, Anthrax, Arch Enemy, Children of Bodom, Deep Purple, Def Leppard, Foo Fighters, Guns N’ Roses, H.I.M., Judas Priest, Lacuna Coil, Lamb of God, Papa Roach, Queensryche, Velvet Revolver, and more.

Talk to you next year!!!! Much love!!!!

Checking out until 2007!

Mark Strigl


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Em’s list of 20 songs

December 20, 2006 at 4:48 pm (Rock)

I just watched episode 312 of Battlestar. Amazing! Baltar is looking more and more like Jesus Christ. The hair and the beard are making him a total Christ like figure. This episode will blow your mind.


We are getting a ton of e-mail asking why we have not done another Countdown to Chinese Democracy podcast with all the recent GnR news…??? Well, even the Talking Metal guys have to take a break. The last half of 12/06 is a catchup time for the podcast. Most of the recent shows we are posting were recorded a few weeks ago. I am spending time with family and trying to get away from this damn computer. There will be more Chinese Democracy podcasts coming in 2007. I can’t not wait for 3/6/07.


Here are 20 songs to put on your iPod by my wife, Em Cody:

Muse – Supermassive Black Hole
The Darkness – Bald
Black Sabbath – The Mob Rules
Earl Greyhound – SOS
The Cardigans – Erase/Rewind
Keane – A Bad Dream
Arch Enemy – We Will Rise
The Vines – Spaceship
Eagles of Death Metal – I Gotta Feelin (Just Nineteen)
Guns N Roses – Patience
Hole – Malibu
Jeff Buckley – Lover, You Should Have Come Over
The Elephant Man Sountrack – Main Theme
Judas Priest – Desert Plains
Megadeth – Kill the King
Patsy Cline – Back in Baby’s Arms
Queens of the Stone Age – Hanging Tree
The Cult – Rise
Steve Ray Vaughn – Little Wing
Dio – Stand Up and Shout

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Support our new sponsor!!!

December 20, 2006 at 3:25 am (Rock)

Major corporate sponsorship is coming to the Talking Metal podcast in 2007. That is right suckers, we are not selling out but we will be getting paid by the man! Very impotant: Support our sponsors!!!!!!

Slunt will be on the next episode. Children of Bodom will be on Monday 1/1.
Happy Holidays.

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Circus Bar and Bodom -This Sunday!!!

December 15, 2006 at 6:28 pm (Rock)

Join us for the next Talking Metal podcast this Sunday around 6:30 for some preshow COB drinks at the Circus bar on 9th Ave at 43rd St.

We will be recording our podcast there and then at around 7:30 we will head over to the Children Of Bodom show at the Nokia theater in Times Square. The Children Of Bodom Talking Metal podcast will be posted on or around Christmas.


Yeah, A big day for GnR news. I have already gotten 12 e-mails regrading the “letter from Axl” (posted on gunsnroses.com) and the “letter from Merck” (posted on mygnrform.com) and it is all very interesting. I’m so excited to see what happens over the next few months. For the 1st time ever Axl has given us a tentative release date for Chinese Democracy. That date is March 6th. Let the Countdown begin (again)!!!  After a few down weeks my enthusiasm for this amazing band is once again back up and strong!


Rumor mill says Van Halen is rehearsing with their “new in-blood” lineup. Daddy, his son and Uncle Al are sounded tight as ever and, who knows?, Diamond Dave maybe dropping by to sweeten things up even more!

AND on a side note, Michael Anthony is selling some hot sauce.


Check out a band called Crucified Barbara!!! These ladies can rock!! They got cuts up on iTunes for 99 cents.

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a good read

December 14, 2006 at 6:51 pm (Rock)

Be sure to check Jerred Mathews’ BLOGhttp://jwm102313.wordpress.com/


Eddie Van Halen says the ball is in David Lee Roth’s court. This could be strange without Michael on bass.


We are about to ink a deal with a new sponsor for Talking Metal. Please be sure to support all sponsors of the podcast.


Keep those e-mails coming – striglmark@gmail.com

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Happy December

December 13, 2006 at 9:47 pm (Rock)

I just got a cool album on e-music. It is a few years old so maybe you already have it.

It is called Panopticon by Isis.

Highly recommended… moody rock with heavy moments.

Great stuff.

I am also digging a bunch of random tracks by the Distillers.

Track down these cuts too:
So High, So Low by Mondo Generator
Summer Rain by U2
Jack’s Land by Bill Ward (with Ozzy on vocals)
It Is That Way – by COC
Who Slayed Baby Jane – WASP
In Blue Hawaii – Brian Wilson
Sweet Charity – Mr. Bungle
Incantation – Yungchen Lhamo
Look Down On Us – Yungchen Lhamo

Yungchen is amazing… worldly spiritual music. A Tibetan songstress – on iTunes for 99 cents a track.

I loved doing the Live 365 show last week. It was so much fun playing music, talking to the listeners and drinking for free. Join us at 7pm on 1/4 for another one!

Man, December seem to always be depressing, I suffer from depression and it always seems to hit hard come December. I am not sure why this is? I think it is totally a mental thing… sometimes one becomes their own worst enemy. Ups and downs… the worst is when you can’t figure out why you re down.

People are asking me to do my “Best of 2006” album list. I am not going to do one. It is boring and there are too many Best of 2006 lists already. Really, who the hell cares…. Not me.

The Rob Halford episode of the podcast did really well. Tons of hits and downloads. Rob is a great guy and that comes across in the interview.

We need to get another episode of the Alien Rock podcast going. I am just not sure who we should interview. We are going to keep that podcast less metal, more rock. Thoughts?

I just watched episode 311 of Battlestar. This show is totally amazing. You will not be disappointed when BSG returns at an all-new time on Sunday nights to Sci Fi.

I do not believe Chinese Democracy will be out this year. It is really too late at this point. I hope we see it early next year.

Check it out I am in the Washington Post – ARTICLE.

The weather in NYC sucks today – rainy yet still rather warm for this time of year.

My band is called Ronin. We will be doing a 8:30pm show in NYC at the Delancey. It is loud grungy hard rock with some prog. and art rock elements. Our new album is coming in Jan. 2007. The site is roninband.com

Happy Holidays to each and everyone of you. This blog gets about 50 hits a day, nothing close to what the TM podcast gets but it is nice to know that peole are out there. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my poorly written b.s.

2007 should be another fun year for the Talking Metal podcast! Be well and be safe.

Checking out…


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A blog by Lonn

December 10, 2006 at 10:33 pm (Rock)

Lonn Friend –

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Review of Guns N Roses Chicago show

December 9, 2006 at 5:42 pm (Rock)



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Update on our 24/7 streaming radio

December 9, 2006 at 1:17 am (Rock)

Just what what the doctor ordered – TALKING METAL 24 HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK. 

We are now streaming all the time on Bionic’s Live 365.  Should also be streaming 24/7 on iTunes radio by Monday.

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Talking Metal Radio 24/7 coming to iTunes

December 8, 2006 at 2:24 am (Rock)

Yo dudes – Looks like Talking Metal will be hooking up with Bionic Live 365 for a 24/7 internet radio channel in the radio section of Apple iTunes.  It will be located in the “talk” section.  Our next live show will 1/4 7pm to 10pm…  once again we will take live calls from the listeners.  Stayed tuned to this blog for more details!

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