Happy December

December 13, 2006 at 9:47 pm (Rock)

I just got a cool album on e-music. It is a few years old so maybe you already have it.

It is called Panopticon by Isis.

Highly recommended… moody rock with heavy moments.

Great stuff.

I am also digging a bunch of random tracks by the Distillers.

Track down these cuts too:
So High, So Low by Mondo Generator
Summer Rain by U2
Jack’s Land by Bill Ward (with Ozzy on vocals)
It Is That Way – by COC
Who Slayed Baby Jane – WASP
In Blue Hawaii – Brian Wilson
Sweet Charity – Mr. Bungle
Incantation – Yungchen Lhamo
Look Down On Us – Yungchen Lhamo

Yungchen is amazing… worldly spiritual music. A Tibetan songstress – on iTunes for 99 cents a track.

I loved doing the Live 365 show last week. It was so much fun playing music, talking to the listeners and drinking for free. Join us at 7pm on 1/4 for another one!

Man, December seem to always be depressing, I suffer from depression and it always seems to hit hard come December. I am not sure why this is? I think it is totally a mental thing… sometimes one becomes their own worst enemy. Ups and downs… the worst is when you can’t figure out why you re down.

People are asking me to do my “Best of 2006” album list. I am not going to do one. It is boring and there are too many Best of 2006 lists already. Really, who the hell cares…. Not me.

The Rob Halford episode of the podcast did really well. Tons of hits and downloads. Rob is a great guy and that comes across in the interview.

We need to get another episode of the Alien Rock podcast going. I am just not sure who we should interview. We are going to keep that podcast less metal, more rock. Thoughts?

I just watched episode 311 of Battlestar. This show is totally amazing. You will not be disappointed when BSG returns at an all-new time on Sunday nights to Sci Fi.

I do not believe Chinese Democracy will be out this year. It is really too late at this point. I hope we see it early next year.

Check it out I am in the Washington Post – ARTICLE.

The weather in NYC sucks today – rainy yet still rather warm for this time of year.

My band is called Ronin. We will be doing a 8:30pm show in NYC at the Delancey. It is loud grungy hard rock with some prog. and art rock elements. Our new album is coming in Jan. 2007. The site is roninband.com

Happy Holidays to each and everyone of you. This blog gets about 50 hits a day, nothing close to what the TM podcast gets but it is nice to know that peole are out there. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my poorly written b.s.

2007 should be another fun year for the Talking Metal podcast! Be well and be safe.

Checking out…



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