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June 29, 2006 at 4:44 pm (Rock, Uncategorized)

I will be appearing on the next episode of a new Metal podcast called “Injected” – It will be all talk, a metal round table if you will. 3 metal podcasters sit around and shoot the shit. It will also feature Jim from Entropy League and Evil C from MSRcast. Check both of their podcast out at this location – Metal Injection.

Yet another Rock Blog giveaway – right here, right now. The 1st person to e-mail me with the name of the Iron Maiden guitarist who once played with Ian Gillan will win a copy of the new album by Ian call Gillan’s Inn

send the answer to – put the answer of the subject/title line.

Great stuff coming up on the Talking Metal podcast – Interviews with chicks!!! CJ Sleeze and Tera Patrick. Music by Dio and Saxon. Check it out. htttp://


Slight add on… Check out SCUM now. The perfect mix of Punk and Metal – features members of Emperor, Amen and Turbonegro. An amazing album.


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Bite down hard!

June 28, 2006 at 8:48 pm (Uncategorized)

antiMusic reports: Guns N’ Roses hasn’t truly returned until someone gets arrested and leave it to frontman Axl Rose to make it official. In a bizarre story coming out of Sweden, Rose was arrested for violent conduct, damaging a hotel room and threatening police. Damaged hotel rooms are nothing new in rock n roll but the strangeness comes from reports that Axl bit a security guard in the leg.


This is supposed to be footage of him leaving jail…
It seeems like it is before he went to jail.  Although
if it is him coming out of jail with a cigar and drink

“We had a great gig in Stockholm and I
am not going to let this incident spoil that,” Rose
said in a statement, according to MTV News. “My
assistant Beta and I were talking in the lobby of the
hotel when security started to give us a hard time. My
only concern was to make sure she was OK.”

Dragonforce rock!  Check them out.

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Free Extreme Metal CDs for you

June 26, 2006 at 4:20 pm (Rock, Uncategorized)

Ok – I have free stuff for my readers… These are for readers in United States only, it is too expensive to mail things internationally. All the contests on the podcast are always open to the international listeners but here on the blog I need to limit it to just the USA. Sorry.

Ok – so if you want a CD by either of the following 2 bands, send me an e-mail at

The Black Dahlia Murder and All That Remains.



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June 22, 2006 at 4:14 pm (Uncategorized)

"T-Boner" is one of the most famous comment posters on BLABBERMOUTH.

He always has a lot to say, not only on the comment sections on Blabbermouth

but also on his own site. He was kind enough to do an interview with me.

1. When did you start posting on Blabbermouth?

First off I wanna say, through it all, this is the very very first time I really did a

legitimate interview.

I have spent cuntless hours promoting bands and music, going to live shows,

investing my time and money and never once did anyone offer me an interview.

I am not bitter because I look at things like "better late than never."

So i am a virgin no more…We're making T-Boner Hard Rock n' Horror history;-) . FIRST EVER INTERVIEW…Goes a lil sumthin like this…hit it-

I joined/signed-up on Blabberhate about like 5 years ago, give or take ?!

Not altogether sure but that is a guesstimation.

*By the way, I have been voted most legendary and most hated on Blab.

2. How much do you spend online each day?

Well, it cums n' goes, Depends on the moon n' stars…

I spend a lot more time on it in the winter months,

Summertime rolls and ya gotta get while the getting's good.

The computer is like my T.V. and so you know folks "God is in the T.V."

Needless to say I don't really watch much T.V. (I don't hate it, just don't watch much)

I would rather be online talking about, reading about and promoting music


meeting others like myself (a scary thought I reckon) haha;-)

3. Have you ever been threaten by another poster?

Yeah but just silly stuff, prolly little 17 year olds. Just minute little

threats sorta goes along with that cliche saying I learned early in grade school

"sticks n' stones may hurt my Boner but words will not hurt me"…somthing like that?!

I bet if you put a million dollars on the line and put half them Blabbies

(Blabbies is a cry baby from Blabbermouth) one on one with me in a steel cage match,

winner wins a million bucks- I would surprise a lot of them.

Yeah I'm sure Blab might have some bad muther fukkers but

I'd say 80% are just blowing hot air up people's asses.

Having said that I believe in peace n' harmony and would rather drink a

gin n' tonic and cut-up/talk it out than fight anyone but I would never

lay down and get kicked like a dog! ,

At times you gotta fight and that is that.


Dear Blabbies – If you don't like a band = Don't go to their threads…It is that simple.

4. Do think the groups and people you post comments
about actually read what you post?

I know for a fact from a good source Sebastian Bach knows the name T-Boner and what is, and I think Jizzy Pearl does as well. So does Wednesday13, who knows who is reading on Blab?!?! Only God knows;-)

For the record-

I make a lot of typos on Blab and I am not the worlds best fukkin speller, Never won any spelling bees in school and they were lucky I even showed up but it is only rock-n-roll , not rocket science. So I don't have to be a Tommy fuckfinger wearing muther fukker to love this shit and that suits me. Come as you are or don't come at all.


Fukk Tommy fuckfinger for coming at Axl Rose that way!!!!

5. What are some of your favorite groups?
I could give 1000s but will just give a few (and will leave many many out…sorry)

Motley Crue & Guns n' Roses are the two single bands that are the reason you have T-Boner/ If not for Motley Crue, Guns n' Roses I would not be here today.

I also really love(off the top of my head):

Warrior Soul, Hanoi Rocks, Velvet Revolver,

Blind Melon, Mother Love Bone, Mad Season,

Rob Zombie(music&films), Marilyn Manson, Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13, Skid Row(with and without Bach), Faster Pussycat, Love/Hate,

Lizzy Borden/Starwood, Helloween(Michael Kiske "Keepers era" only) W.A.S.P.,

& King Diamond

I wanna add=

I love all the side projects & spin-off bands… case n' point = Randy Piper's new band ANIMAL(they have a cool new cd out "Violent New Breed") & Everyone should check that out!

Also! be sure to ell their guitarist Chris Laney that sent ya;-)

He will know what ya mean 😉 😉

Oh and I love when singers go solo,

Like Scott Weiland "12 Bar Blues",

Jizzy Pearl,

Sebastian Bach,


Kory Clarke,

Gilby Clarke(no relation to Kory^),

Michael Monroe.

I like what Axl is doing now (sorta solo but he does own the name Guns n' Roses)



I dig Jim Morrison and everything he stood for!


I really dig Alter Bridge as well, I wanna give them a shout-out!!!! Hail the U.S.A.

I like many many obscure bands from all eras, way too many to dare list.

Like: Cats in Boots, Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Rhino Bucket… to name a few.


1000 underground unknown HorrorBands. Like:

The Deadthings, Creeping Cruds, the Graveyard Boulevard

& I also really dig Roky Erickson.

*To find out more about Horror Bands check this out:

6. When did you open your own site?

April 29,2004,

*believe it or not it took 3 months to build and get it perfect.

7. What is the last CD you bought? When did you buy
I pre-ordered Dirty Rig "Rock Did It" few nights ago. Can't fukkin wait!!!! Hail Kory Clarke.

8. Have you ever posted negative comments about the
hosts of the Talking Metal podcast?

Don't think so?! never ever.

9. Do you have anything you would like to say?

Here is my full n' complete BIO

Sums me up and what I stand for pretty much.

I also have a Hard Rock n' Horror MUSIC FORUM

come one come all, Bring your mother and girlfriend maybe bring two 😉


Last but not least I did put out a Horror Comp CD in 2006,

I still need to sale a few…

Pleaze buy one;-)

thanks for the interview,


My thought for the day is take a little time to enjoy tha view

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Like Kiss said "God gave rock-n-roll to U2"


T-fukkin Boner

small but MIGHTY

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You tube – Yngwie joke

June 21, 2006 at 4:14 pm (Rock, Uncategorized)
John Ostronomy just sent me this - Funny! - the audio is dubbed over.

Guns canceled tonight's show due to a baby being born.
This was just posted on Here To Day Gone To Hell.
Tonight's GN'R show in Zürich, Switzerland has been postponed, 
here's the press release:
Guns N' Babies!

Guns N' Roses have been forced to postpone their show in Zurich at the Hallenstadion this evening the 21st of June, 2006. Their drummer Brain aka Bryan Mantia has had to return to San Francisco earlier than scheduled to be with his pregnant wife. The band have been travelling with understudy drummer Frank Ferrer and he will be ready to step in when the tour continues as scheduled on Saturday with their next show at Belgium's Graspop Festival.

It is expected that Brain will return to the tour in approximately 2 weeks time. The band had a phenomenal show at Bercy in Paris last night which they consider to be the best of the tour to date. During the exuberant performance guitarist Robin Finck pulled his hamstring but will benefit from the extra day of rest and will be ready for Saturday. The Hallenstadion show in Zurich will now take place on the 1st of July and all tickets are valid.

Guns N' Roses apologise to their Swiss fans for any inconvenience and look forward to seeing them in a couple of weeks.

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E-mail from listener – Guns N Roses!!!!

June 20, 2006 at 7:22 pm (Uncategorized)

Hello Kids – I'm back in the NY Groove. Check out Talking Metal 74. It is a great episode. Lots of metal talk on Guns N Roses, Metallica, Maiden, Dio, Black Metal, etc.

John is working hard on the new Talking Metal store. We hope to put some promos and maybe a show open together soon too.

Here is an e-mail I got in response to one of the e-mails I read in the podcast:

This email you read today by Michael B. saying that Chinese Democracy is not GN'R was ridiculous. Axl was always the main person behind GN'R. The rest of the old band were all good musicians, but Axl was the band member who made GN'R stand out above everyone else. And judging from the leaked songs and seeing footage from live performances, Guns N' Roses is actually superior now. "Better" is better than anything off of the Illusions, and it's almost on par with the best songs on Appetite. And that's judging from a leak, not the final version. The reason GN'R gets so much static from certain people is because they choose to be stuck in the past rather than listen to the actual music and give it a fair evaluation. Oh well, it's their loss.


Thanks to Victor for his e-mail! I still wonder what Axl was doing in NY for those 3 months. Did he mix or master Chinese Democracy? If the album is really coming out in September, we will hear something real, real soon. In my opinion, if we hear nothing from the label or management about a release date by the middle of July, it ain't coming out in September. What is up with the official GnR site ? I mean they are still selling Buckethead T-shirts, none of the current tour dates are listed, no new news listed. BTW – Those Buckethead t-shirts are really bad-ass. I bought one awile back. Why did Guns' guitarist, Richard Fortus, remove all the tour dates from his site a few months back? Why is new member, Bumblefoot, linking people to a unofficial fan site for tour dates? The Guns N Roses/Axl mystery continues. This Guns N Roses stuff is by far the most exciting and mysterious thing happening in rock today.

John and I met up with Tera Patrick and Evan Sienfeld again last night. We hope to have them on the show next week. Tera is on the cover of this month's FHM.

Headlines for today:

Audioslave's new album hits on 9/5/06.

The power pop rock band, The Mynks, are in the studio with world famous engineer/producer Arun Venkatesh (known for his work with Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, Overkill) recording 3 tracks. My wife is the singer of this band.

AOL Radio has added a "Power Metal" station to its lineup.


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Rare DiAnno CD

June 19, 2006 at 7:35 pm (Uncategorized)

JUNE 16th 2006

Charlotte The Harlot, Women In Uniform, Strange World etc etc

Available at this website only:

New 48 track digital recordings of 2006 featuring the following songs:
	1. Wrathchild,
	2. Strange World
	3. Charlotte The Harlot
	4. Killers
	5. Prowler
	6. Murders In The Rue Morgue
	7. Running Free
	8. Remember Tomorrow
	9. Phantom Of The Opera
	10. Sanctuary
	11. Women In Uniform
	12. Iron Maiden

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Dead Eyes

June 16, 2006 at 8:26 pm (Rock, Uncategorized)

Ok – finally Friday is here. I am getting a new computer today through work. Ya know, that is one of the many cool things about my job, they are hooking me up with a bran new MAC laptop. I like most of the people I work with… actually come to think of it, I like them all. I really have no issues with any of them. Sure, sometimes they ask you to do things you don't really want to do BUT that is why they call it work and that is why they pay you to do it. I got to say that I like Apples so much better then PCs BUT that is a whole discussion I don't want to get into right now.

Vinnie Vincent is a mystery, what happened? Where is he? How about a comeback and a new record?

That 1st VV Invasion album is so good. I love cheese.

This came off Blabbermouth today:

A man convicted of killing a call girl who was once married to former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent had his appeal rejected Wednesday (June 15) by the state Appellate Court.

Gregory McArthur, formerly of Hartford, maintained that two drug dealers were probably responsible for the slaying of AnnMarie Cusano in 1998.

My 2nd cousin, Tim, just hooked me up with a bottle of Woodford Reserve Boubon. Thanks Tim!

I have had 3 listeners tell me they were sending me booze. That is great I appreciate it but as of yet I haven't received any of it. Let me know if it is lost in the mail or if you just changed your mind. Thanks.

The e-mails John and I have been receiving have been great . Please keep them Coming. We are going to try to meet up with Tera Patrick and Evan tonight in NYC…. i will keep ya posted.

Download this Arch Enemy song now from iTunes. It is so good. I love when it goes into that mellow Lord Of The Rings section. The 3 albums Arch Enemy has done with Angela Gossow are so amazing. I was cranking Dead Eyes in my car last night cruising the streets of Manhattan.

Good Night and Good Luck.

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I guess Warhol wasn’t wrong Fame fifteen minutes long

June 15, 2006 at 6:12 pm (Uncategorized)

One of the Blabbermouth comment posters is now famous. T-Boner is one of the dudes who is always putting comments up on stories that appear on Lots of people hate this guy and lots of people like him. He now has his own site. The real surprise is the site is somewhat entertaining.

I have had 2 major metal stars tell me that the read every comment posted about them on Blabbermouth. I was going crazy a few months back, reading everything written about me and our podcast on various different sites and message boards. There are some real dicks out there. I'm proud to say that I no longer visit message boards. Sure I read Blabbermouth everyday but I don't go to band message boards anymore. Lots of people keep requesting Talking Metal message boards…. I guess I would have to visit those if we put them up.

T-Boner has a cool interviiew with Lizzy B here AND i HAVE A COOL intv. with him too on the new podcast.

me Today Ron Wood is back in rehab and I am wearing a shirt with 2 Stones patches on it… a strange Coincidence indeed.

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Star Trek

June 14, 2006 at 4:37 pm (Rock)

Like I said last post, I watched the movie Trekkies the other night. I really think it was better then I said yesterday – I give it a new rating of 3 out of 4 stars.

The Double Down Bar from Las Vegas has opened a NYC chapter. I hit it last night with my friend Gary. It is a good hang but the jukebox sucks – no metal what-so-ever… and yes, they do serve Ass Juice.

Queensryche have announced on their official website that the band had been arrested at the Amsterdam airport for smuggling illegal firearms. They promised more details to come but nothing has been added to the official site. For more info checkout the Day In Rock on

Muse on tour. I have never seen these guys live. I really like them… I hope to make the NYC show.

18-Jul San Francisco The Concourse
19-Jul Los Angeles Greek Theatre
21-Jul San Diego Soma
22-Jul Phoenix Celebrity Theatre
24-Jul Denver Fillmore
26-Jul Minneapolis State Theatre
27-Jul Chicago Aragon Ballroom
28-Jul Detroit State Theatre
30-Jul Toronto Docks Concert Hall
31-Jul Montreal Cartier Pier
2-Aug Boston Bank Of America Pavilion
3-Aug New York Hammerstein Ballroom
4-Aug Philadelphia Electric Factory
6-Aug Atlanta Tabernacle


Thor has a new album coming out on July 25. I have heard it and it is heavy. Much Darker, MUCH more evil then the last record. It is called Devastation Of Musculation

I hope to play some Thor on Talking Metal soon.

We got CJ Sleeze coming on the podcast real soon. Check her out:
Ok – now I am pissed… I had a bunch of other shit in this post that I just lost because I didn't save… damn.

Boy George is 45 today. I always thought his music sucked. Maybe that Crying Game song was ok but all that Culture Club crap was the worst.

My wife's band, The Mynks, will be on episode 5 of the Alien Rock Podcast.

The 2 best Iron Maiden albums are Killers and Piece Of Mind.

The 2 best Led Zeppelin albums are 4 and Houses Of the Holy.

The 2 best Van Halen albums are 1 and Women and Children First.


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