Mark Strigl from The Talking Metal Podcast

87or882.jpgMark has been featured in front of the camera as a "metal expert" for VH1 and VH1 Classic .  Mark currently works in New York City, producing and writing for the Sci Fi Channel and performing with his bands. He plays Gibson guitars. His favorite bands are Kiss, Metallica, Tool, Saxon, Guns N Roses, Black Sabbath, Dio, Iron Maiden, Amen, Arch Enemy, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Queens Of The Stone Age, Ronin AND Radiohead. Listen to John Ostronomy and Mark Strigl on the Talking Metal Podcast.

Picture: 12/12/1987 – Paul Stanley, John Ostronomy and Mark Strigl in Rhode Island, backstage on the Crazy Nights tour.



  1. Gareth (oldmetalhead) said,

    Hey Mark,

    I just want to thank you or printing my review of the Gigantour show down that was down here early this month (Oct. 2006). I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to present my views and opinions about the bands that play the music we love.

    I was pleased to hear on the last 2 podcasts that there are other “old metal heads” listening to your show…and they’re older than me! I guess I’ll have to relinquish my claim as your oldest listener to Abbey from New Jersey. Rock on Abby!!

    Again, thanks Mark (and John!)! You’re doing the metal community a great service with your podcast. Your continued success with the Talking Metal podcast is proof that metal is a vibrant, indestructable form of musical expression that will live on, if not forever, at least as long as there are people who love it.

  2. Norm Wilson said,


    I just wanted to say that I think you and John do a great job. I loved your interview with Chris Degarmo and Geoff Tate. It was really nice to hear Degarmo. He didn’t seem to go into much detail about his career as a pilot? Do you know if he works with a major airline? I knew he had done a few musical projects since leaving Q.R., but the fact that he is a commercial pilot is very fascinating to me.
    Mark, I know that Talking Metal is not your full time job, but would love to hear you and John interview some artists such as: Winger, Rush, and Lenny Wolf. Mark what is your e-mail address?

    Norm from

    Sacramento, CA

  3. tizzod said,

    Why dont you do a segment on Decapitated’s drummer being killed in a tour bus accident in Russia.That is metal news

  4. axel strigl said,

    hola soy unos de sus pariente me podes llamar al celular 152735962 asi te digo bien

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