August 31, 2006 at 9:11 pm (Rock)

Interscope still has not ruled out a 2006 release date for Chinese Democracy. It is getting late in the year at this point but they “would not be surprised if it comes out before years end” I am told things are moving along and it will be released sooner then later! Axl told Rolling Stone in January that people would hear new music this year.. AND I don’t think he was referring to the leaks… From what I am told, Interscope higher ups have already heard some but not all of the “new music.”

Speaking of the leaks, they are great… some of the best new rock I have heard in sometime. Everything is pointing to this being one of the most amazing albums of the last few years. Tonight Axl hits the MTV’s VMAs here in NYC. He will not be performing… I urge all Guns N Roses fans to check out this fall’s tour. This is a new GnR era. You have to see it to believe it. Get over the fact that Slash is not in the band. Van Halen made good music without DLR, Maiden made great music without DiAnno, Pink Floyd made great music without Syd, Axl is making amazing music without Slash. To be fair, Slash & Duff are making great music without Axl.

I was just over there watching Fergie (sp?) rehearse outside. She looked short in real life. She had a bunch of Buckingham Palace guards walking around in front of her. They are using the NBC Good Morning America stage for some of these outdoor performances.

This new Lamb Of God album is amazing… SACRAMENT! It hit #8 on this weeks Billboard US chart- exceeding first week sales of the recent Slayer album.



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Ostronomy at the VMAs this Thursday

August 29, 2006 at 8:12 pm (Rock)

John Ostronomy will be working at MTV’s Video Music Awards this Thursday in NYC at Radio City Music Hall.  John is part of the press department at VH1 and he will be helping out at MTV as they present the 2006 VMAs.  VH1 and MTV are sister stations.  Axl Rose is presenting at this year’s show and Jack Black is hosting.  I am sure we will get a full report from John on an upcoming episode of Talking Metal.

We are way, way behind with our podcast episodes.  We may post a drunken bonus episode in a secret location.  It is an episode where we answer listener e-mail.  Stayed tuned to this blog for the address of where we will post it.

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1933 was a long time ago

August 25, 2006 at 7:33 pm (Rock, Uncategorized)

Queens of the Stone Age will be headlining the LA Weekly Detour Festival in Downtown Los Angeles (Main St. & 1st St) on Saturday, October 7th, alongside Beck, the Basement Jaxx, Peeping Tom, Redd Kross, and more. I am excited to see who is in the band. Just so you know, John Ostronomy and my other friend Mike Lincoln are actually in a Baement Jaxx music video.

Metallica will be on the Simpsons sometime real soon.

Metal Mike and Roy Z are both a part of the new Sebastian Bach CD. Roy Z has produced some killer albums for Bruce Dickenson and Halford. I am looking forward to hearing Bach’s new album. Check out Metal Mike’s new CD at CD Baby. Mike will be on the Talking Metal podcast real soon. We recorded an interview with him last night!

Axl Rose is set to present at next Thursday’s MTV VMA show at Radio City in NYC!!

Picture: Me yesterday.

QUIET RIOT are scheduled to release their latest CD titled “REHAB” in October of 2006.

Quincy Jones was born in 1933. He is very old. His girlfriend was born in 1987. Here are the pictures.

OK, I just pulled out my calculator – that is a 54 year age differance.


From the NY Post Page 6:

IT’S last call for downtown punk-rock clubs. Continental, the St. Marks Place den of sin that has showcased countless underground bands over the years, just booked its final live show for Sept. 16. The last band to grace the stage will be a “supergroup” comprised of Dictators frontman “Handsome” Dick Manitoba, Lenny Kaye from Patti Smith’s band, C.J. Ramone and Daniel Rey. (Until last week, the farewell show was to be local hardcore heroes Murphy’s Law on Sept. 15.) And the legendary Bowery club CBGB will shut down for good after funk/punk mainstays Fishbone rock the main stage on Sept. 30.

1st time I saw Fishbone was back in 87 or 88 at Trenton State college. Living Colour opened and no one knew who they were.


Stayed tuned to The Talking Metal podcast for more great interviews.


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Axl updates website!!!

August 24, 2006 at 3:50 pm (Rock)

For the 1st time in almost 4 years the Official Guns N Roses site has been updated with a few of the North American tour dates. I was hoping they’d put up a whole new redesign of the site but hey, whatever… At least, the site is showing some signs of life.

The official Guns site is http://www.gnronline.com/

By the way, Chinese Democracy will not be out in September as suggested by insiders. We have been told it will come out this year… once again labels usually announce releases to the press 2 to 4 months before the release date. They months are already starting to wind down. My guess is the earliest we would see Chinese Democracy would be November. I will be very dissappointed if we don’t get this album this year. What the hell is taking so long?!?!???

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November Rain is coming soon.

August 22, 2006 at 8:16 pm (Rock, Uncategorized)

I will be over in Rome, Italy in November… should be fun. I hope to check to some shows while I am there.

Before I go I plan to vote in this November’s election here in the USA. This is a very important mid-term election. Each and everyone of you should be voting no matter what. Rock The Vote is a great site to register to vote at. It is also helpful if you have recently moved and you need to update your address. If you don’t vote… you have no right to complain about the out come. Deadlines for registering are approaching fast in most states.

This is a great site to use when you are practicing your guitar or bass – http://www.metronomeonline.com/

stay in time!!!!


Guns N Roses are gearing up for an arena tour here in the states. In my opinion, Axl must put the new album immediately… I think it will help generate interest in this tour… BUT regardless, let’s all get out there and support this tour!!!!! The countdown to the album is about to begin soon.

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The Darkness

August 21, 2006 at 6:31 pm (Rock)

have some really great songs and they always put on an awesome show… I guess people just didn’t get them. Hopefully they will continue on, although they seem to be going through a tough time right now. Atlantic might be dropping the band and Justine is trying to get his act together. I wish them all the luck and I hope to hear a 3rd album from them. If you do iTunes, download this track “Bald” – it rocks big time.


We will have a podcast up later today featuring All That Remains. We recorded it last night and it was well over a hour long. John is trying to get it edited down to 50 mins. I don’t really think podcasts should be over a hour. Right now I am in an edit working with an editor. We are putting together promos for season 3 of Battlestar which hits Sci Fi Channel on October 6.

I am kinda bummed the summer is coming to an end… I never even made it to the shore.

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August 21, 2006 at 6:12 pm (Uncategorized)

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The new Revolver magazine…

August 17, 2006 at 1:53 am (Rock, Uncategorized)

The one with Randy from Lamb Of God on the cover has a Spencer’s ad on page 29 that hypes what appears to be an official Guns N Roses promotion.  In the ad it says, “Chinese Democracy in stores this fall!”  Hell is about to freeze over my friends.  Talking Metal will bring you full coverage of this historic release!!!

GnR’s north American is happening.  Check out the official unofficial Here Today Gone To Hell site for details. 

BTW – That new video for Redneck by Lamb Of God is classic.  Great stuff. Funny.  LOG are about to be crowned the new kings of metal.

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A Friend

August 9, 2006 at 5:26 pm (Uncategorized)

My friend Eric just sent this link to me. Funny stuff regarding Sci Fi TV – http://www.ggl.com/kunochan/2006/08/best-and-worst-sci-fi-tv-show-openings_08.html

Another link… This one to a great rant by Jim Harrington on the Rock Star Supernova TV show:


We spoke to Lonn Friend yesterday. Lonn is back with a great new book called “Life On Planet Rock”

He will be on the podcast this Thursday or Friday. His new book is great and I am not just saying that. It is truly a great read for anyone who is a fan of rock music. It has wonderful stories on all sorts of different bands such as: Nirvana, Guns N Roses, Genesis, The Who, Kiss, Bon Jovi, The Talking Heads, Metallica and more.

Devon Townsend will be on Monday’s podcast. Our interview with him is great. He holds nothing back and he tells us what he really thinks of Ozzfest 06. Stayed tuned to the Talking Metal podcast. Keep the e-mails coming at talkingmetal@yahoo.com

Songs I put on my iPod today:

Rasing Hell (the song) – RUN DMC

Sargent D -SOD

Exo-Politics – Muse

RnR Butler – The Upper Crust


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Podcast preview

August 8, 2006 at 4:29 pm (Rock)

We got a bunch of cool guests coming up on the Talking Metal Podcast. All That Remains, Unearth, Black Label Society, Herry Perry, Lonn Friend and Anthrax. Subscribe to Talking Metal through iTunes. We are becoming one of the premiere outlets for hard rock and metal with over 80,000 downloads a month. It is really nuts!!! I am very thankful to you all for your support.

Lost and Battlestar together??? I like the Office too. Check out this blog – here


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