April 27, 2007 at 3:22 pm (Rock)

The live show is set for next Tuesday. We start things out with some Rock at 7pm with Q-Ball. He will talk about his brand new album that he did with Bumblefoot. Then around 8pm we will get into some hard rock and metal. Please call in to the studio at 212-575-3046

Then Wednesday I leave for Britsh Columbia. I have a Sci Fi shoot happening out there for Tin Man.

and on May 9th Talking Metal invade Las Vegas.

Being that I am homeless until June, I do not really mind all the traveling.

Check out the phone calls at the end of episode 144 – Funny stuff!!!!!

I am totally digging the new White Stripes single “Icky Thump” – I did not like it on the 1st listen but by the 3rd listen I was hooked. It sounds like there is a slight Deep Purple influence going on with this cut… Meg White is all feel. I dig what she does on the drums.


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I gotta get a few things off my chest…

April 23, 2007 at 7:31 pm (Rock)

People are sending me a lot of CDs and MP3s of their unsigned bands. I really appreciate it but to be honest I do not have time to listen to all of them anymore. It breaks my heart to throw them in the trash because I am a guitar player/singer/songwriter too. Through the years, I have mailed hundreds, maybe even thousands, of CDs by my bands out to press and radio. I always wanted to believe that people might be listening to them but I now know most them went right in the garbage.  The truth hurts.

Also, starting in May we are going to be more selective with who we interview. We can no longer interview everyone who wants to be on the show. I have let myself be pressured into interviewing a few people. This will not happen again. Sorry. Having said that, I will post all interviews that we have already recorded.


We are no longer predicting when Chinese Democracy will be released. Once Interscope gives us a real release date then we will start back up with podcast coverage on this topic. Until then, I have too much respect for Bumblefoot (and Frank) to be asking them when they think it is coming out.


We are making a video podcast. More details to come. I really don’t have time to be doing this but we already started making it so I think we should complete it and post it for you.


Sorry, to be a little bitch but I have been crazy busy. I have not been getting more then 5 hours sleep a night and it is starting to catch up with me.


The editor I am working with at Sci Fi is named Dan Fisher. He just edited the new Type O Negative video for “Profit Of Doom.” It will air on MTV2 April 28th during the Ball.


The interview with Peter Dolving in epiosde 143 of the podcast is pretty funny. Check it out on later today.

Picture of Frank Ferrer and BFF with Untouchables from earlier this year:




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Music Rising

April 22, 2007 at 3:18 pm (Rock)

Yo, last night my wife and I attended the Music Rising auction hosted by the Edge from U2. We hung out with Ostronomy, Q-Ball, his girlfriend Melissa, Mr. Bumblefoot, and Mrs. Jen Bumblefoot. Said “hello” to Eddie Trunk and Little Steven. It was a great event that seemed to bring in a lot of money for a great cause. Over 200 items were auctioned off. One of Jimi Hendrix’s guitar went for $410,000!!! We left after being there for nearly 5 hours and the auction still was not over. Apparently at the end of the night there was a jam session. It sounds like Bumblefoot got up on stage for a bit… I will try to find out more details on this. Stay tuned to TALKING METAL for pictures from this event.

The weather is finally nice here in the NYC area.

AND… speaking of Little Steven and U2, check out the album “Born Again Savage”by Little Steven. It features Adam Clayton on bass and Jason Bonham on drums.

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April 17, 2007 at 8:01 pm (Rock)

Yo peeps…. Checking in with you from Santa Monica. I just did some interviews for Sci Fi with the Jessica Alba, Michael Chiklis, Ioan Gruffudd, and Chris Evans. All of them were very nice and friendly. They star in a new movie coming to theaters this June – Fantistc 4: Rise Of The Silver Surfer.

Joe Satriani tribute to Marvel comic’s Silver Surfer was called “Surfing With The Alien.” It is a great album of guitar rock. It sounds somewhat dated nowdays but it still rocks with some wonderful guiatr playing. Joe was also a guitar teacher and some of his students included Steve Vai and Kirk Hammett.

Rush has just signed a publishing deal with SESAC. This is a big deal for SESAC. Most big name acts usaully go with BMI or ASCAP.

Put these songs on your iPod today:

“Frozen Summer” by 3 Legged Dogg

“Severe Emotional Distress” by Into Eternity”

“Paint The Floor” by Ronin

Back to NYC on Thursday, then heading out to Vancouver, BC to do some more Sci Fi interviews in early May.

Next TM episode guest is “The Haunted”

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another thing about tonight…

April 5, 2007 at 8:09 pm (Rock)

Chris from In This Moment will be doing a live interview tonight on Talking Metal around 8:30pm.


we also just got word that Bumblefoot might be calling in from GnR rehearsal in LA!!! – Again, BBF is tenative. Hope for the best.

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LIVE SHOW 4/5/07

April 5, 2007 at 12:11 am (Rock)

The live show is on for tomorrow – Thursday, 4/5 at 7pm to 10pm East Coast Time.

Call in to talk to Mark and John at 212-575-3046

Tune in here:

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21 Under God…

April 3, 2007 at 1:42 am (Rock)

I have been digging this show on Sundance Channel called One Punk Under God.

It is an intertesting watch and I am not even very religious.


TwentyOne Songs to add to your iPod:

1. “Runes To My Memory” – Amon Amarth

2.  “My Curse” – Killswitch Engage

3.  “Intervention” – Arcade Fire

4.  “Goodbye” – Army Of Anyone

5.  “Walk With Me In Hell” – Lamb Of God

6.  “Sail On, Sailor” – The Beach Boys

7.  “Live By The Gun” – Billy Sheehan & Terry Bozzio

8.  “Frozen Summer” – 3 Legged Dogg

9.  “Girlfriend” – Avril Lavigne

10.  “Isn’t It Time” – The Babys

11.  “Still In Saigon” – The Charlie Daniels Band

12. “Galvanize” – The Chemical Brothers

13.  “Focus Shift” – Dark Tranquillity

14.  “Too Old, Too Cold” – Darkthrone

15.  “Bring On The Vultures” – El Gotten

16.  “Railroad Man” – Eels

17.  “It Hasn’t Happened Yet” – William Shatner

18.  “Another Tricky Day” – The Who

19.  “Queen Of The Gangsters” – Nash Kato

20.  “Delivering The Goods” – Judas Priest

21.  “His Name Is Goliath” – Q-Ball

Everyone of these songs kicks my ass.  Feel free to disagree.


I was at the Rangers’ game last night at MSG.  Killer seats right on the ice.


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You Tube – Kermit

April 1, 2007 at 4:47 pm (Rock)

the forg is sad and HURT.

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