Circus Bar and Bodom -This Sunday!!!

December 15, 2006 at 6:28 pm (Rock)

Join us for the next Talking Metal podcast this Sunday around 6:30 for some preshow COB drinks at the Circus bar on 9th Ave at 43rd St.

We will be recording our podcast there and then at around 7:30 we will head over to the Children Of Bodom show at the Nokia theater in Times Square. The Children Of Bodom Talking Metal podcast will be posted on or around Christmas.


Yeah, A big day for GnR news. I have already gotten 12 e-mails regrading the “letter from Axl” (posted on and the “letter from Merck” (posted on and it is all very interesting. I’m so excited to see what happens over the next few months. For the 1st time ever Axl has given us a tentative release date for Chinese Democracy. That date is March 6th. Let the Countdown begin (again)!!!  After a few down weeks my enthusiasm for this amazing band is once again back up and strong!


Rumor mill says Van Halen is rehearsing with their “new in-blood” lineup. Daddy, his son and Uncle Al are sounded tight as ever and, who knows?, Diamond Dave maybe dropping by to sweeten things up even more!

AND on a side note, Michael Anthony is selling some hot sauce.


Check out a band called Crucified Barbara!!! These ladies can rock!! They got cuts up on iTunes for 99 cents.


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