“Till The End” by Zakk Wylde

March 27, 2008 at 5:20 pm (Rock)

“Till The End” is an original song that Zakk wrote while he was in the studio with us for our Talking Metal on fuse TV show.  It features Bumblefoot on guitar and he also produced it.  This jam/recording session took place at the Gibson Guitar showroom in NYC (the old Hit Factory) the night before Zakk’s sold out show with Ozzy at MSG on 12/22/07.   Check it out here:




  1. Dave said,

    Where can I get this on MP3? This song is sweet!

  2. Ben said,

    Same here were do i get an MP3

  3. metalwarrior said,

    we want an mp3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 5150schilling said,

    where can i get this song on mp3 or anywhere downloadable? this the greatest song. I love this song. Im showing everyone.

  5. Lauren said,

    Does anyone have the lyrics for Til the End by Zakk Wylde??? Cant find them anywhere.

  6. Heavydyret said,

    Please send me a Email On Heavydyret@hotmail.com

    if you find the song whit zack wylde til the end


  7. Alixx said,

    Here’s the lyrics: 98% sure

    And baby in the end
    It’s just you & me.

    I’ve been broken
    I have died
    All shot baby
    We both tried…
    Roll me, roll me, roll me, roll me, roll me
    Roll me through this darkness once again.
    Say what you want babe
    Say what you will
    I’m just looking for a fight
    Baby til the end
    It’s you & me baby til the end.
    Baby, I’ve been down so long
    You & me, you & me
    I can see, I can see.
    Oh yeah, I can see.
    I can see child….
    It’s just you & me.
    It’s you & me baby til the end.
    The thunder & the rain
    Nothing’s the same
    Oh baby, I just can’t change.
    The thunder & the rain
    Nothings the same…
    I can’t change.

  8. MICHAEL said,


  9. Rob said,

    i got an mp3 of it now =)

  10. Mike said,

    I would love to get the mp3 of this song. I saw it when the show first aired and listen to it almost everyday on youtube. Hope its on the new album

  11. ALex said,

    whats up everybody i have the song in mp3 who evere wants it my e mail is nalapunk@hotmail.com ill will give it to you for free

  12. megan said,

    I love this song!!!

  13. Red Wylde said,

    “one more shot baby, one more try” ,, then,
    “baby I’ve forgotten for so long, you are my life you are my song”

  14. Nikolaj said,

    Id really appreciate if there was a way to purchase that single or if someone mailed it me in Flac/mp3: nikolaj92allegro@interia.pl

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