Dr. Pepper

March 27, 2008 at 3:02 pm (Rock)

Yesterday, various media outlets reported that one of the nation’s most popular soft drinks, Dr. Pepper (owned by 7-Up), would give everyone in America, except estranged guitarists Slash and Buckethead, a free can of Dr. Pepper if Chinese Democracy is released this year.

Late last night, Axl Rose responded to this offer on the GnR website saying he was surprised and was unaware that Dr. Pepper was going to be doing this. I briefly spoke to Chris Kooluris of Ketchum for Dr. Pepper, who told me that neither Guns N Roses nor their record label are currently involved in this campaign. The people behind this offer are just die-hard GnR supporters who really want this album released – this year.

My current stance on Chinese Democracy is that the album is done. Universal Music Group needs to do whatever it takes to put this album out ASAP. Guns N Roses has made Universal 100s of millions of dollars and they need to use some of that money to give this already legendary album a fair promotional push. End of story.

BTW, Del James might be coming on the podcast.



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