October 17, 2007 at 3:01 pm (Rock)

We been working on the TV show in ever spare moment. We should be wrapping production on it with in the next week. Look for it to hit your television set in November.

We had some great people from the TM family join us in the studio for the TV show host wraps…. people like xcitor, Metal Mike, Bud Friendly (former known as Gary the VO guy) and Em Cody.

I will announce where and when to see this show right here on my blog before anyplace else.

The whole thing has been fun. I hope we can do more of them for you in 2008.


I am so hooked on NBC’s Heroes right now. This is such an excellent show.


Metal Dector – bands/songs to check out.

Overloaded – hard arena rock sound out of MI
download: “What’s in There”

The Showdown – from Tennessee also a hard arena rock sound – theshowdownmetal.com
download: “Six Feet Under”

The Agonist – new young, female fronted extreme metal with sing songy hooks.
The album is called “Only Once Imagined” on Century Media.
download: “Rise and Fall” and “Business Suits and Combat Boots”
A Talking Metal Top 3 MP3 list.
3 shredder tracks to add to your iPod right now.
“Nun Chuka Kata” by Buckethead – 1999
“Welcome to The Jungle” by John 5 – 2007
“Butta Fingerz” – Sean Baker Orchestra – 2005


My dog, Ozzy is now 4 months old. He has been loosing his baby teeth.

The O.Z.The O.Z.The O.Z.


Spoke politics with Mr. Mustaine the other day. Dave votes with his heart and does not vote down party lines. It is true he didn’t vote for Kerry in 2004 but he had some good reasons for that. One of them being that Kerry was rude to him when he met him. I respect an honest person. Dave’s music has always been honest and so has his heart.

Buy the new Megadeth boxset – Warchest.



My band, Ronin got some good news today. Our bassist, Ninja Boy AKA Chris Liang got his green card and can now stay in this country as a real American. Congrats to him. Buy our CD on CD Baby.



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