September 26, 2007 at 10:30 am (Rock)

The new book and the new album are out. Pick up the Heroin Diaries.

We picked up Nikki at his hotel yesterday and drove him up to his book signing in Times Sq. It was a true honor to meet one of my lifelong heroes.

Heroes season 2 Episode 1 – I DVR’d it. Haven’t watched it yet.


I plan to use this blog to ramble about not only music but Radio, TV, movies, books and anything else I feel like.


The 1st time I ever played my guitar in front of an audience was when I was with my High School jazz band. My big moment was playing the guitar solo in the Theme Song Of the Greatest American Hero. “Believe it or not, I’m flying on air…”


Hung out with Nick Oliveri back stage at Mondo Generator’s NYC show last night. Such a great guy with so many good stories. A great set by the band. I wish more people new about Nick’s post-QOTSA stuff. It rocks.

Hat’s off to Bill.

The real hereos are the ones that live their lives to the fullest because they realize that this is it.

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  1. Mike said,

    Did Nikki say anything about Tommys status in the band? or whats up with the Crue?

  2. Joel said,

    RE: “The Greatest American Hero” theme. I was know as Ralph in Grade 4. My Grade 12 yearbook picture has the name “Ralph” beside it.

  3. deli said,

    “Pumping On Steel””by Billy Idol

    Let there be light (Oh yeah)
    Divide heaven tonight
    Oh open my sight (Oh yeah)
    Yes pump it on home tonight
    I see hearts are breaking
    I feel tears falling
    Oh yeah scenes from a million years
    I want lovers talking
    See their fear subsiding
    Sliding down cross a million years.

    But when I get home
    I walk right up your street
    Investigate all that’s sweet (yeah)
    Lead me baby
    Switch on your lights
    Pumping on steel tonight
    Gonna be fine that’s right
    Yes alright
    Pumping on steel tonight
    Well alright

    Man myth breaker
    Woman man maker
    Singin’ scenes from a million years
    Oh, now we’re talking
    Oooh fears breaking
    Running down cross a million years
    But when I get home
    I walk right to your door
    Ha my baby I want some more
    Lead me girl
    Switch on your lights tonight
    We’ll be
    Pumping like steel tonight
    S’gonna be wild that’s right

    Pumping on steel tonight
    Shake it out wild that’s right
    C’mon yeah
    Pumping on steel tonight
    Yes’n well alright.

    Let there be light
    Ooh divide your heaven tonight
    I said and open my sight
    Oh I’ve got to slide tonight
    I’ve got to ride
    I might die tonight
    Switch on your lights
    Got to be fine that’s right
    Oh gonna be wild that’s right
    Lead me baby
    Lovin’ tonight (oooww)
    Pumping on steel that’s right
    Yes’n well alright
    Yes’n well alright
    Yes’n well alright
    Lead me baby
    Pumping on steel.

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