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September 12, 2007 at 2:07 pm (Rock)

CMJ Music Festival is a joke. This is a company that thrives off of ripping bands off. This is pay-to-play BS. Avoid CMJ at all co$t. CMJ does not break bands, they break wallets. RIP-OFF ALERT!!!!


We did another live show last night. There is something that is exciting about going live but the reality of it is, people do not listen to streaming radio on a computer. People want podcasts to take with them. Our Tony Iommi podcast had over 10,000 downloads in one week. Even episodes with no guests are averaging over 5,000 downloads. The TM podcast is hitting all-time highs in listenership. The live show gets about 80 listeners according to the Live 365 listener counter, I am just not sure it is worth the effort and cost. Let me know your thoughts?


Talking Metal will be branching out into other forms of media. Keep your eyes (and ears) on You Tube and your favorite cable TV stations to see more Talking Metal.

We are shooting stuff now.


Dead By Wednesday music video



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