Metal back on TV

September 6, 2007 at 9:46 pm (Rock)

More metal will be appearing on TV in 2008.  A few things are in the works for more then one network.

———— seems to think the Led Zep could sstill be happening.  I do not think so.


Ozzy is gearing up for a solo tour.  Some friends of mine will be opening for him on part of this tour.    You have heard them a bunch of times on Talking Metal.


I still believe in Chinese Democracy.

Things are winding down for 2007…  why still no word?

If it is coming in November, we will be hearing something within the next few weeks.  If we do not hear anything, it is safe to say it is not coming this year.


We will be meeting up with Nikki Sixx later this month.


the new Atreyu album is really good.




  1. Mitch said,

    Its nice to see your faith in Chinese Democracy. As a fan who has waited for all these years i still think its coming…maybe not this year but 08′ would be cool.

  2. Jacob said,

    More metal on tv!! You got to give more info on that.

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