August 21, 2007 at 5:12 pm (Rock)

I have been way stressed lately… being a total control freak is tough sometimes… I am attempting to let go of some of this junk… things may suffer because of it or they may get better. Time will tell…
let the cards fall where they may… and don’t forget to roll the cameras, I am ready for my close up – yeah, TM on TV? not really, but something close could happen. There has been a green light on the 1st step.


For the record, we don’t get paid for the podcast. We have had sponsors that paid us but 80% of the time we are not making money off this. SO if you are going to complain about our show on your favorite messageboards, saying we suck at our jobs, go get a life. The podcast is not my job, it is my hobby. I do it for free because it is fun. Start your own damn show… a lotta of the haters already have. Funny how no one listens to them… you would think a good podcast would attract listeners right???? yet, the show you think is unprofessional and bad has been the number 1 hard rock / metal podcast on iTunes for 2 years straight… that must be because we suck… I can’t think of any other reason.



I bought my wife a new dog. We named him Ozzy! This little guy is greatest thing.



Johny Chow just told me Fireball Ministry is working on a new album.


Arch Enemy is covering Walk In The Shadows by Queensryche.


Van Halen will play more then one NYC date.


Eddie Van Halen is the greatest rock guitar player of all-time!


Darkest Hour guy, Kris Norris, celebrated after learning his wife is pregnant with the couples’ 1st.



  1. Bert Gabriel a.k.a. drunk guy from episode 62 said,

    no doubt that this world’s full of Double Talkin Jive Motherfuckers
    congratulations on the green light project!

  2. Phil said,

    Nevermind the haters. You guys are doing a great job! One of the bright spots of my day is when a new episode comes out.

    > Arch Enemy is covering Walk In The Shadows by Queensryche.

    Without a doubt one of my favorite Queensryche tunes ever.

  3. Vaughn said,

    The best thing about the podcasts is it sounds like 2 metalheads doing something they absolutely love and pretty much all of us are all super jealous of you two.
    Fuck the bunch of teenage clowns living in their mom’s basement.
    If you don’t like it don’t listen. Simple.

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