Maidenless Bruce on your iPod – Top Ten tracks

July 16, 2007 at 9:43 pm (Rock)

I think Bruce’s solo stuff is insanely good and very over-looked.

I guarantee that everyone of these songs rock.

10 Non-Maiden Bruce Dickinson tracks to add to your MP3 player:

1. “Vice Versa” – Samson

2. “Tattooed Millionaire” – Bruce Dickinson

3. “Laughing In The Hiding Bush” – Bruce Dickinson

4. “Tears Of The Dragon” – Bruce Dickinson

5. “Son Of Gun” – Bruce Dickinson

6. “Abduction” – Bruce Dickinson

7. “The Tower” – Bruce Dickinson

8. “Accident Of Birth” – Bruce Dickinson

9. “Chemical Wedding” – Bruce Dickinson

10. “Back From The Edge” – Bruce Dickinson


Pre-Maiden “Bruce Bruce” with Samson 1980:


Next Talking Metal Live – Aug 7th.


1 Comment

  1. Ozental said,

    I had a copy of “Tattooed Millionaire” many moons ago.

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