June 13, 2007 at 8:47 pm (Rock)

She has dropped those extra pounds and is back in ultra-thin rocker mode….

Check out this site for some cool Courtney Love downloads on the left under media – HERE.

I know this chick is a nut job but I love her. I am excited to hear that she is starting to rock again. I was a big Hole fan back in the day and I also loved her last solo album – America’s Sweetheart.

Say what you want about her, the bottom line is she always delivers some good songs.

Download these cuts off iTunes today: “Hello” and “Mono” by Courtney Love. Both are great tracks.

As I have said before, one thing that makes Rock N Roll exciting is being unpredictable and slightly insane. Courtney is both.


The new Queens Of The Stone Age album is really good.  One of the best of 2007.


METAL!!!! Finally posted episode 153 of the Talking Metal Podcast. This show is 100% metal. It is like 90 mins.


Visit the Talking Metal Forums


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