June 8, 2007 at 6:27 pm (Rock)

I once saw Ike Willis play all 3 parts of Joe’s Garage with a Zappa cover-band at the Lions’ Den in NYC. IT had to be 8 years ago… maybe more. I was with my brother and his girlfriend (now his ex-wife). This is their son.

and my 4 year old nephew.


Nothing like good celebrity legal drama… I love this stuff. Run, Paris, run… we need a nice little car chase down 405.

God bless TMZ!


I have been having trouble posting photos on this blog… I would like to do more of it. I have a MAC and I think this wordpress blog works best with a PC… might be part of the problem.


I left my cell phone at home today so don’t bother trying to call me… send an e-mail instead. It totally sucks to not have the cell. I feel all weird and helpless. The ring tone on my cell is “2 Minutes To Midnight.” This is one of Iron Maiden’s greatest songs ever. Powerslave is a wonderful album that I don’t hear people talk about as much as Piece Of Mind or Killers. I would have to say my Top 5 Maiden albums are:

5. Somewhere In Time

4. Powerslave

3. Number Of The Best

2. Killers

1. Piece Of Mind


Who is hisroyalsweetness anyway? 2007 will be the year of Del James.

Del was hired by Lonn Friend when he was running RIP. There are some interesting facts about him on Wikipedia. I met him at the GnR Jersey show. Seemed like a nice guy to me. He was fascinated by my wife’s Chinese Democracy patch that she has on her coat.


I guess I should NOT call things on Wikipedia facts because I have seen a bunch of stuff on there that is totally wrong. It seems like anyone can update it so it is bound to have a bunch of things that are wrong.


OK…. I got to get back to work so I can pay someone to mow my lawn.


“He used to cut my grass… He was a very nice boy… ”

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  1. Matt said,

    I had trouble posting photos with my mac because i was using safari. if you download firefox and use that for wordpress everything will work just fine.

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