June 7, 2007 at 9:24 pm (Rock)

Paris is out of jail already… apparently she did not like the food.


Chinese Democracy where are you?


Kiss need to hang it up. Please no more shows. No more music. It is time to say goodnight and let your Kisstory shine.


I believe Van Halen can still deliver the goods. Reunion tour needed now. Please include Michael.


I would like for Prince to release a vintage classic album in the style of Purple Rain…. he needs to go retro in the studio not just on stage.

Another Prince movie would be amazing… where is Morris Day when you need him?


The new Metallica CD has a chance of being something good. I believe the cards are in place for this next album.


Children Of Bodom are at a critical point in their career. I believe the right album within the next year could turn them into arena superstars. I would love to see them work with a radio friendly producer. They need to make their version of the Black Album. This band has the potential to be huge.


Don’t get tattoos of living rock stars because your opinion of them will change over time and the chances of them doing something you don’t believe in are high.


U2 are reteaming with collaborators Eno and Lanois for their next album.  They have made some killer albums together.


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TRACK OF THE DAY: Paris is Burning – by Dokken… one of their best songs.


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