more lies…

June 5, 2007 at 10:19 pm (Rock)

Once again, half the shit you hear and read about Talking Metal on these messageboards and other shows is total BS.

The only place to really stay connected to our podcast is our forum. 

Just because you saw something on the news or you read it in a book doesn’t mean that it is fact.  Think for yourself.


Some sites print BS stories about the bands you love just it get hits.  Talking Metal doesn’t do that.


The 2 bounce tracks for the Japan version of Ozzy’s Black Rain are really pretty good.


Just picked up the new Paul McCartney on and it is great.  I think it is much better then his last album (which got great reviews probably due to Godrich producing)

Weather you like Paul solo, with Wings or the Beatles, this album has something for you.- pick up Memory Almost Full. 

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