GnR – Mexico – Sold Out!!!! Hell Yeah!

June 1, 2007 at 9:36 pm (Rock)

Axl – Please give us some info on the album tomorrow. I am begging you. Did Interscope fuck things up? What happened?
We have been patient these past few months. We would just love a little update. Thanks!


Battlestar Galactica will end with season 4.

Razor is kick ass. Kendraw Shaw is one bad-ass chick. She learned from Cain.


Black Pig cover the Kiss song “Strange Ways” on their It Is What It Is album – check it out.


Upcoming TM guests: Drowning Pool and Iced Earth!


I am sick of rock stars talking politics. Don’t ever let them influence your vote.


Current heavy rotation on my ipod:

“You Know I’m No Good” – Amy Winehouse

“Map of the Problematique” – Muse

“Heart Shapped Glass” – Marilyn Manson

“Hard Rock Hallelujah” – Lordi


Next TM Live show – June 14 7pm


Keep your minds open and don’t follow blindly.


“Art is never finished, only abandoned.” … Leonardo da Vinci


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