Music Rising

April 22, 2007 at 3:18 pm (Rock)

Yo, last night my wife and I attended the Music Rising auction hosted by the Edge from U2. We hung out with Ostronomy, Q-Ball, his girlfriend Melissa, Mr. Bumblefoot, and Mrs. Jen Bumblefoot. Said “hello” to Eddie Trunk and Little Steven. It was a great event that seemed to bring in a lot of money for a great cause. Over 200 items were auctioned off. One of Jimi Hendrix’s guitar went for $410,000!!! We left after being there for nearly 5 hours and the auction still was not over. Apparently at the end of the night there was a jam session. It sounds like Bumblefoot got up on stage for a bit… I will try to find out more details on this. Stay tuned to TALKING METAL for pictures from this event.

The weather is finally nice here in the NYC area.

AND… speaking of Little Steven and U2, check out the album “Born Again Savage”by Little Steven. It features Adam Clayton on bass and Jason Bonham on drums.

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