Jason Jayhawk is a cylon

March 13, 2007 at 11:40 pm (Rock)

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 the whole 2007 Stooges thing seems staged.

what is the point?

It would have been more powerful to not release

Iggy can do a hard rock punk album without those
guys…  it is a scam to think that a bunch of senior
citizens 40 years later are doing this for real.

Reminds me of the whole thing with the Dolls last
year… and that album was good but it wasn’t The NY


The Van Halen RnR Hall Of Fame thing was all a little strange but I must give a salute to Michael Anthony.  I thought it was really cool of him to show up and speak.  He is a postive dude despite everything that has been going on with him and Van Halen.  A true gentleman!

I found it funny that Velvet Revolver did the eaistist VH song ever…  haha, I can’t blame them, I would have done the same thing.  I always thought Eddie played Ain’t Talking bout Love in the open postion… not sure????  It looked like Slash did it at the 5th fret. 




++++++++++++++++++++++++ season 3 is almost over.  The final 2 episodes are Pt1 and 2. 

Who are the final 5?

Jaywalk I read your words….  read mine carefully,  I wish I could say more but I can’t.  There is too much confusion and I can’t get xx xxxxX.   AND Think of King’s X’s biggest song.  What does the chorus say? 

Let the trail begin.

10 long months await.


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  1. xcitor said,

    about VR/Slash and Ain’t Talking ’bout Love…

    did you catch the Stern show the day after the show when Howard commented that sounds like a difficult song to play? he consulted Fred (who is an accomplished player), who of course didn’t dare go against the King … “everything Eddie writes is difficult” is how Fred responded.

    in addition to robinswrong.com there needs to be thesternshowiswrong.com

    my band played that song in 10th grade at our talent show (open position, which i think is how EVH plays it). probably one of the first songs i learned now that i think of it…

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