Eddie Trunk is not a cylon

March 6, 2007 at 5:47 pm (Rock)

Eddie did a great interview with Lars Ulrich last Friday. It is worth buying an MP3 of it from Eddie’s site. I am very interested in hearing the new album by Metallica. It will be out in late 2007 or early 2008. The song writing is all done and they start recording next week.

We are having a blast on the new Talking Metal message boards. Topics include: Metallica, GnR, Dream Theater and Children Of Bodom.

Check out the boards HERE

Buy your Talking Metal shirts in the store section of Talkingmetal.com

Bumblefoot just finished remastering the album “Face The Day” by 24-7 Spyz. Check out one of the remastered cuts on the next episode of Talking Metal.

I watched The Song Remains The Same last night on VH1 Classics. The movie is still so amazing regardless of what Robert Plant says about it.

Last Sunday’s episode of Battlestar Galactica was a heavy one. Is Starbuck a cylon or not? More answers (and questions) are coming in the next 3 episodes. I am producing a promo for BSG that will air right after the final episode of the season.

Who are the final 5??? Stay tuned to the Sci Fi Channel. Check this out.


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  1. Jason Hodges said,

    She better not be a Cylon. I am hoping there is a simpler explanation, like she ejected and Lee didn’t see her eject.

    My speculation is that the Final Five are not part of the 12 skinjobs. Why can’t it be 12 skinjobs (7 we have seen and 5 we have not) and the Final Five are separate? I am bothered by the numbering scheme. The Final Five can’t be models 1-5 because D’Anna is a 3. They can’t be models 7-12 because Boomer is an 8. We know the Final Five are a completely different type of Cylon, so I don’t feel obligated to include them in the 12 known humanoid models.

    I want my Starbuck back, as a human. Hell, I told my wife that if we had a girl, I wanted to name her Kara. How hardcore-geeky is that?

    10 months is a damn long hiatus between seasons. Are we going to get some sort of BSG fix? Like more webisodes? Books? Comics? Mimes? Interpretive dance?

    Jayhawk Jason

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