February 17, 2007 at 9:21 pm (Rock)

Britney Spears shaved her head – Great stuff. I love it. I would love to see her tattoo her face too. That would be incredible. She could join Tyler Fyre and the freak show. Congrats to Mr. Fyre – he just got married.

We just bought a house. Can you believe it? I have lived in city apartments for the last 15 years and now I am moving into a sweet ass house located 16 miles from Times Square.

Free Willy is dead.

Free the West Memphis Three. One of these guys could have been you or me. Get educated to what happen.

That 1st issue of the Dark Tower comic knocked my socks off. There has never been a fictional character I relate to more then Roland. King will be at Comic-Con… I hope to see him there. The Dark Tower saga has many strange coincidences with my “real” life… it is bizzare and somewhat scary. The 7 books really messed with my mind. I read them over a 18 year – 1988 to 2006… AND Now it is back in comic form.

Did you see that new laser comb? It helps you grow hair!!!!!???!!! I have lost a little up front but not too bad yet. If it gets worse, I will not be using the laser comb.

Audioslave is dead. I saw them live back 3 or 4 year ago and they were really good… although I must say I never loved any of their albums. I didn’t dislike them either. Chris has one of the greatest voices of our time. One of the greatest albums ever made is BadMotorFinger – Soundgarden.

It sucks that AC/DC are not on iTunes.

Monday’s Talking Metal episode will feature 2 great bands – In This Moment and Wolf.

Channel 24 on Sirius is now 90’s Grunge and Alt. Rock. Most of you peeps know me as a metal-head… and it is true that metal is my love and my roots… bloody roots, but I must admit, being in my 20’s in the 1990s was awesome. Great times and some of the best music ever made. Really. Yeah, I do dig Pavement and Dinsour Jr.

A toast to you… Barcardi Rum and diet coke.

Buy my band’s CD – Please!!!!! Ronin is on CD Baby HERE

I am currently reading a great book called “Sound Of The Beast – Heavy Metal” by Ian Christi – good stuff.

We know some of the links on are not working and we are working on the problem. Thanks!

I love that song, “Bald” by the Darkness – put that on your iPod for sure.


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  1. Ali said,


    In regards to your comments on the laser comb and whether or not you might need it, dude, what are you talking about? Your hair looks ridiculously thick, and it doesn’t look like you’ve lost anything. I don’t think you’ve got anything to worry about, Mark.

    I’m sad to see Audioslave go. There first album was amazing I thought. Stylistically, they were very interesting and diverse, I thought.

    Keep up the great work, Mark. Love the podcast.


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