Free MP3s by Wolf

February 10, 2007 at 8:15 pm (Rock)

I had a tough week. Life has its ups and downs. Sometimes “the downs” make you realize what is really important in life.

We had to cancel the Talking Metal Live show last Tuesday due to a personal emergency. I plan to air more of the Bumblefoot interview on the next live show. We recorded some extra stuff that hasn’t been heard yet with he and his wife when we hung out with them a few weeks ago. To clarify, Bumblefoot did use my Les Paul in his final recording session for the next Guns N Roses album. The sessions took place last month here in New York City. All his gear was out in California and he specifically needed a Les Paul for the album. I think we will post a picture from the session soon on Talking Metal.

I have been loading my iPod all day. I have so many CDs it is ridiculous. I am trying to be selective with what I put on it but its tough. Sometimes quantity is better then quality.

I am excited to check out the next Van Halen tour. Should be fun. Too bad about Michael Anthony.

There is a great metal band called Wolf that you have got to hear – download free cuts by them HERE.

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