let me get this blog going again…

January 9, 2007 at 10:24 pm (Rock)

We just recorded another “e-mail” episode of Talking Metal. Look for it to be posted sometime next week. The Talking Metal podcast received a mention in the new Q Magazine (UK edition) and we will also be in the next Total Guitar magazine.

I am really hoping for Chinese Democracy on March 6th but I am also being realistic about the whole thing. Axl called this date “tentative” and we still have no official date from the label. It sounds like the band is still tweaking things in the studio.

Thanks for all the phone calls on last week’s live shows… the live thing is still a whole new world for us. It is really fun.

check it out at our LIVE site.  talkingmetallive.com 


SAXON frontman Biff Byford will appear as a special guest on Nicky Horne’s show on the U.K.-based national digital radio station Planet Rock on Wednesday, January 10 at approximately 20:00 GMT. You can listen to the program online via www.planetrock.com.


My band, Ronin, will have a new CD out next week. Please consider buying it. It is Rock with doom metal, stoner, progressive and funk elements.


Please do me a favor and click this link to Go Daddy. Ever click helps.

As a listener of the Talking Metal Podcast, enter code METAL1, that’s M-E-T-A-L-1, and get your .COM domain name for just $6.95 a year. Some restrictions apply, see site for details. Get your piece of the internet at GoDaddy.com.


JD from BLS will be on the next episode of Talking Metal. Should be posted by Friday of this week.


I just got Sirius for Christmas. It is so awesome to have HOWARD back in my life. I started listening to him at 17 on 94FM in Philly been a devoted fan ever since! I am also enjoying Ian Christi’s show on Hard Attack.


A new amazing episode of Battlestar hits on Jan. 21st at 10pm on Sci Fi. I just did some work with Lucy Lawless on a new BSG promo… look for it on-air on Sci Fi. Catch Lucy singing at the Roxy in Burbank, CA on 1/13 and 1/14.



  1. xena fan said,

    FYI: The Roxy is in Hollywood, not Burbank

  2. flo said,

    I wish she could become a regular cast member =/ She’s so good on that show.

  3. BreedaIterne said,

    I wantonly glanced at Mike and James, both of whom were refreshingly concealing their interests to frighten a smaller faction of the cruelly bent over Claire.

  4. Albina-nn said,

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