November 27, 2006 at 4:18 pm (Rock)

I have been hearing that this could be the release date for the mythical Guns N Roses’ album – CHINESE DEMOCRACY.

Hopefully it will be the case. Hope is all I have left at this point. I wish I was going to the Chicago show tonight but I am stuck at work here in NYC. Chicago has always been a good town for Guns. I caught them there in the 2002 t.1125061551.jpg

Check out Melodic Rock for more information on Chinese Democracy.

I have had a lot of enquires on how solid the December
19 release date for Guns N Roses’ Chinese Democracy
might be. Answer – who the hell knows! It is only as
good as the other 27 release dates that have come to
pass thus far. One rumor suggests that the release is
now planned for June or July 2007, while HMV Canada
also lists the December 19 date


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  1. Matt said,

    I’ve been checking every record store up here in Vancouver, and have found nothing of Chinese Democracy. However, as you’ve said, HMV Canada has it listed. But when I asked, they did not have a date. All they had was a empty case where the album will be, stating it may be released this season.

    I hope just as much as you do that this album finally comes out. Hopefully Axl is just messing with us.

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