The Haunted REVIEW

November 24, 2006 at 3:34 pm (Rock)

THE HAUNTED – “The Dead Eye”
Century Media

The Haunted are a five-piece band that hail from Sweden. Their latest release for Century Media, “The Dead Eye,” is an amazing journey to the dark side of rock. I highly recommend you buy this album. “The Dead Eye” could be considered extreme metal with strong classic, thrash, gothic, and doom metal influences that ring strong in it’s overall sound. I think these guys have an original thing going on. Vocalist, Peter Dolving, has a strong aggressive voice that attacks you without ever really going into the death metal growl that dominates so many of the extreme metal bands today. The album is a perfect listen all of the way through with a constant musical thread that tends to complete it and makes it feel whole. This is a refreshing element in the day of single song iTunes downloads. Nowadays, most bands have forgotten the definition of an album, but The Haunted is not one of them. That is not to say you can’t enjoy just one song on its own either. On “The Dead Eye,” The Haunted prove their extreme power with well-crafted melodic songs that are miles ahead of their peers. Listen to this album, and hear the future of contemporary metal. Now, all they need is a couple of guitar solos. Whether you like The Absence, Opeth, Mastodon, old school Metallica, or Hell, even Nine Inch Nails, chances are that you are going to really dig The Haunted’s “The Dead Eye.”

Summary: Great pure metal darkness with no cheese.

Stand Out Tracks: “The Flood,” “The Crowning,” “The Reflection,” “The Medusa,” “The Guilt Trip,” and “The Prosecution”


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