Nov. 2006 – 2 Tuesdays left!

November 19, 2006 at 10:28 pm (Rock)

Everything seems to be pointing to Chinese Democracy coming out now!!! – I believe we will see it this month.  I have no proof and I have no source…  just small clues.

Consider this time the calm before the storm.  Buy 2 to 3 copies of this album!  Support the new Guns N Roses by buying the new music and by going to see them play live.  The new lineup is amazing.


  1. dave said,

    Axl Rose, the man, the myth, the legend. Is 2006 finally his year?

    Like him or not, Axl Rose is one interesting person and most often he is misunderstood. Some people like to think of Axl as an A hole, but that is just because Axl likes to keep to himself and likes his privacy. Axl does not crave attention or look to make headlines, he gets that with out even trying and sometimes I think that embarrasses him. Just him going out for a steak dinner makes headlines, not many other people in music get that, but Axl does.

    A lot of Gn’r fans get upset at Axl because still not given us a release date, but he has said a few times (mtv vmas being the most recent) that Chinese Democracy will be released this year some time in the fall. November looks to be the target date since Richard Fortus has told fans the album will be release after the US tour has started (which officially starts mid October. That is something Gn’r did with the Illusions. This album will make or break his career since it is his first album with out the old band. Axl needs to release the best “in your face rocker” on the album as the first single. If the first single is huge then the album will have no problem selling and being huge.

    A lot of old Gn’r fans like to think the new songs we have heard so far are not as good as the old bands songs, but that is not the important question. The important question is, are the new songs as good or better than the current mainstream songs on the radio today? Judging from what is currently on the radio and judging from what was on the Mtv VMA’s the answer to that is YES. I think Madagascar, IRS, the Blues and Chinese Democracy, There Was A Time, Catcher in the Rye and Better are just as good if not better than a lot of the music on the radio right now, and those songs are not even the “big guns” that Axl has in store for us. Better is a style we have never heard before by gn’r and could be a huge hit once we get the studio version.

    The four demos we have heard are very different and very good. Better mixes pop with metal, while IRS is a mix of old gnr and industrial music. There Was A Time is very November Rainish and Catcher in the Rye (which features Brian May on lead guitar) is a lot like something from the UYI’s and has a Beatles feel to it. IRS actually charted for radio spins, which is a first for a leaked demo. It also got the most votes for one stations cage match in the history of that station. What is so great about the demos is most people have a different favorite which just shows how diverse this album is going to be and is going to appeal to a wide verity of people. This album will have something for everyone, from the old school fans, to new fans.

    For those who think Axl cannot sing any more just needs to listen to these demos, he has never sounded better. If anyone has heard him live from the Hammerstein shows, RIR or the Euro tour know that his vintage raspy voice is also back. His voice has been getting better and better with each show.

    He has a set of amazing and underrated players backing him up and they have all worked very hard on this album. The few people that have heard the album have all said how great or amazing the songs are, so if CD is promoted the way it should be it could be the best album of 2006. Axl and his new Gn’r could be on top of the music world again. Just looks at the VMAs this past year. The killers headlined, if gn’r played this year they easily would have been the closing act.

    Chinese Democracy is going to be like nothing we have heard before from Guns n’ Roses. Tommy calls the new songs “earth shattering” and Dizzy has said the songs will exceed our expectations. Those statements make me wonder how amazing this album could very well be. Brian May and Tommy have both talked about how outrageous/amazing Axl’s voice is on the album. Tommy also alluded that the rockers on CD will be like old gnr, while Zakk Wylde said the songs he heard from CD sounded like AFD on steroids. Axl’s lyrics are said to have deeper meaning than on past albums, we have gotten a taste of that with some of the demo leaks.

    Chinese Democracy is going to showcase the new bands diversity and could still be talked about years from now much like AFD is still proclaimed as being just as fresh today as it was 15 years ago. CD is said to be a melting pot album by Axl and I think we will be able to tell what each members input was to each song. I think each song will have each member’s trademark, something they can all be proud of. I am not saying this album will be the best album ever, but I believe it’s going to something that will inspire discussion for years to come. and not only will it serve to cement Axl’s legendary status as the ultimate rock star, it will preserve the dignity of the guns n roses name in the annals of rock history

    Axl has had a few false starts over the past 6 years, but it is now time for Axl to take his throne back as the best front man in rock, others have tried but none have even come close to having Axl stage presence or aura. Axl holds his destiny and legacy in his hands. He can either be the huge star he used to be or he can just disappear again. Either way Axl Rose will always be one of music great mysteries. He had it all in the late 80s and early 90s and he can have it all again if he wants it, he just has to release the album and everything will fall into place. Rock has been missing something for quite some time and that something is Axl Rose.

  2. Daniel said,

    Mark, you are much more confident in this than I am at this point. I honestly am expecting nothing so that I don’t get disappointed when nothing happens. I honestly do not think anything will happen this month or next month either. And if it does, that would be a great surprise!

  3. Anthony said,

    I like the optimism here Mark…really cool. Can you elaborate on some of these clues your referring to?

  4. Me said,

    Dave, STFU already. I am sick of reading your novels everywhere. You know nothing about GNR and continually talk out of your behind. Now go play with your blow up doll. Mark please elaborate on clues, thanks.

  5. CanadaRocks said,

    I’m sure that this album is going to be huge, however, I have reason to believe that Chinese Democracy will not come out this year:
    (As posted on

    Guns N Roses’ “Chinese Democracy” is now odds on to his records shops in 2007 after the band’s label admitted this week they were none the wiser to a November release schedule, reports Soundgenerator.

    Axl Rose had recently revealed his intention to get the $15m, ten-year-old project onto the shelves before the end of the year, and a press release for the Chinese Democracy Tour at the beginning of October 2006 also stated that “there are only 13 Tuesdays left between now and the end of the year” – dropping a hint that the album would be released on a Tuesday between October 3rd and December 19th.

    However, it looks near impossible that the album will be released in time for Christmas as the band’s label, Universal Records, claimed this week that they had yet to received any information regarding a release date. With a likely four to six week turnaround required from GNR’s management delivering the masterwork (not to mentioned publicity and promotion) it looks extremely unlikely the set will drop now until February, with January a traditional dead-zone for big new albums.

    In other news, a new live DVD is in the pipeline for February. “Guns ‘N’ Roses – Live In Chicago” will be released on February 5th 2007 (we’re sure of that), and was recorded at Chicago’s Allstate Arena.

  6. Nik said,

    Great post, Mark! I’m glad to read your optimism. I want to believe, too, and I strongly hope you are right.


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