November 3, 2006 at 6:53 pm (Rock)

Keavin from Antimusic checking in with a comment on my last post… Antimusic is a great site that everyone should check for the latest music news and reviews. Yeah, I meant “cylon” not
“cyclon.” I need to start proof reading stuff before I hit POST.

I had dinner last night with Lonn Friend in Beverly Hills. He told me that he has checked out this blog which made me realize I need to step this lame ass blog page up a little. I promise to try to get some more insightful stuff up here and I am really going to try to proof read stuff before hitting post. I am pretty poor with grammar and spelling.
I am out here in Cali today doing an interview for Sci Fi with a new young star named Ed Speleers. He is the star of a new movie called Eragon – coming to theaters on 12/15.

Check out the NEWS page on Talking Metal for the latest info on Mark Strigl and John Ostronomy and our favorite bands.

Looking forward to the Guns N Roses show in Jersey this Sunday. Hope to see you there. We will do a post show wrap up on the podcast.



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