Review by Old Metal Head

October 30, 2006 at 1:42 am (Rock, Uncategorized)

Here is the review of Gigantour that one of our listeners wrote – CHECK IT OUT!!!!!

OldMetalHead here… writing from the wilds of South
Florida. In my last e-mail to you a couple of weeks
ago (review of the Trivium show) I mentioned that I
was going to the Gigantour show in Sunrise, Florida
and now I’d like to briefly comment on the show. As
usual, my son and I went to the show and had really
great seats in the first row of the lower bowl of the
arena. Unfortunately we arrived too late to catch
SmashUp or Sanctity.

We got to the venue just in time to see Into Eternity
and they delivered a great, though short, set. Hard
hitting metal from Canada’s heartland. Being an
ex-patriot canuck, its always nice to see a band from
north of the border do well.

After a stunningly quick stage change New Jersey’s
OverKill was up next. Frankly, I’ve heard a lot about
this band but I’d never heard more than a 30 second
sample of any song, but they opened my eyes to what I
had been missing. OverKill delivered an incredible
heavy set of traditional thrash that got me pumpin’ my
fist and raisin’ the horns…what a great band! Those
guys deserve a lot more respect and coverage than they
currently get.

Again, another really fast stage change and the now
legendary Arch Enemy was up. Angela Gossow and the
band gave the crowd want they wanted…another brief
but hellacious set. This is a band that you have to
see live! If you can’t, grab they’re newest CD,
Doomsday Machine and play it LOUD!

Opeth, another Swedish band, were next up. They are
billed as a progessive death metal band but really
can’t be categorized as far as I’m concerned.
Throughout their approximately 45 minute set you could
hear influences spanning from jazz to 1970’s prog rock
to blues and folk along with the occasional black
metal ditty. Mikael kerfeldt was amusing with his dry
“patter” to the audience between songs. Very funny

The band that my son and I came to Gigantour to see,
Lamb of God, were up next and delivered a intense 1
hour plus set with songs from their last 4 albums. The
PA sounded great if you were on the floor ( a friend
of mine higher in the arena mentioned Randy’s vocals
were way low in the mix where he was). The band
included massive subwoofer accents in the set that
shook the floor and drove the pit into a frenzy. This
was my first opportunity to see the pride of Richmond,
VA and jeez these guys kick serious ass live.
Hopefully they’ll be coming to town again sometime in
2007 headlining their own tour in support of the
recently released masterpiece, Sacrament. Pure
American Metal indeed!

Concluding the show was Dave Mustaine and Megadeth.
Dave and the band delivered a mixture of old,
not-so-old and new stuff and it was obvious that this
was the band that most of the crowd had come to see.
What can you say? One of legends of thrash doing what
they do best. Say what you will about Mustaine, his
band (make no mistake this is HIS band) can flat out

He can’t seem to get away from his Metallica days
though. Close to the end of the set he said to the
crowd, “try to forget that those other guys did this
song” and then played “The Four Horseman,” (or “The
Mechanix” as it was called when Mustaine was in
Metallica. He co-wrote the song so he has every write
to play it…it was on “Killing is My Business” as I
remember), I dunno man, I think Dave’s gotta get over
this beef with Metallica. He’s a legend in his own
right and he oughta just bury the hatchet with James
and the boys…life’s too short man!

This was a fantastic show that lasted well over 6
hours and it was well worth the price of admission. We
were lucky enough to be in the venue that was chosen
to participate in filming for the 2006 Gigantour DVD.
The boom cameras were a bit of a pain in the ass
because they blocked a hell of a lot of the stage from
our seats, but what can you do? The biggest
disappointment was that the crowd was smaller than I’d
anticipated. I’ve been to other shows at this venue
(the Bank Atlantic Center) Metallica in 2004, and
System of a Down/The Mars Volta in 2005 and these bans
attracted crowds at least twice the size of the crowd
at this years GIGANTOUR. South Florida metal fans
often complain about large acts forgoing South Florida
on their US Tour itineraries and if this crowd is any
indication of the usual attendence, its not hard to
see why.

C’mon South Florida, get up off your fuckin’ asses and
support your favorite band when they come to town!

OldMetalHead out!


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