Interscope to have a major release on 12/5/06

October 30, 2006 at 9:17 pm (Rock)

1028062350.jpgThis pisses me off – Gwen’s brand new album hits stores on 12/5/06 according to Interscope’s website.

In my mind, this makes a 12/5/06 release date highly unlikely for Chinese Democracy. Gwen Stefani
is a huge seller.   I thought for sure that 12/5 would be the date. My new guess is 11/28 followed by 12/26 and then 12/12.


Is Ellen Tigh a cyclon or not?



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  1. Keavin said,

    Ah good ol Stefoni (spelling is correct). I don’t think that’ll matter, C.D. will sell no matter what it’s up against. Would be great to have a rock CD outsell Gwen and remind her of where she came from. But keeping my fingers crossed it is this year (as now promised). Can’t wait to see them at Gibson.

    Unrelated but “cyclon” reminded me of “cylon” and reminded me of Sci Fi.. Maybe the producers of Sci Fi Investigates should talk to some rock photographers about the “ghost people” in photographs. Happens a lot with available light photography, esp if you don’t have fast enough film or wide enough lens =) Great show but that one would have been easy to debunk.

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