Ok – it is time. The Guns N Roses album is done!

October 19, 2006 at 12:16 am (Rock)

Rolling Stone Magazine has reported more new news on Guns N Roses’ mythical unreleased masterpiece Chinese Democracy.  Check it out here and in next week’s issue.

 I don’t think there will be a single released before the album hits shelves.  They do not want anymore songs to be leaked online.  If they send out press copies for reviews, the album will be leaked online.  If they release a single, the song will be leaked online.  They want as many people as possible to buy this record.  Having said that, I think the 11/21/06 release date could be back on.  When RS first reported this date it was shot down by fan sites as “the wrong Tuesday.”  This “wrong Tuesday” information supossedly came from Merck, yet today on rollingstone.com they are saying this:

  • Though a source told Rolling Stone that the album is due November 21st, Mercuriadis declined to confirm this. “I don’t know that we will announce a release date,” he says. “You just might walk into your record shop one Tuesday and find it there.” — Rolling Stone
  • Speaking of 11/21, I have been told that something else very special might be happening on this date for the band although my sources near/in the band said they honestly know nothing about it.  I will tell you what it is the second I am told I can.  Keep listening to the Talking Metal and Alien Rock podcasts for more info on this.



    1. Ali said,


      Glad to see this news too! But, as far as the sending out press copies, they could do what they did with the UYI albums where they had the reporters come into a room to listen to the record. I think they have to release a single to build a buzz and to promote the tour and the record. Then again, GN’R is unconventional. I hope they’re not so unconventional that they just drop the record with no word. How would people know they could buy it then?

      Keep up the good work! Look forward to hearing your news about 11/21!


    2. Aditya said,

      do u thnk that chinese democracy’s popularity can reach anywhere of those of apetite for destruction and UYI albums??? i fear it won’t….i’d rather go and listen to velvet revolver instead….

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