still breathing

October 14, 2006 at 7:58 pm (Rock)

I wish I had the time to update this blog everyday…  It isn’t dead yet!

 Part of the problem is I can not update it from my office.

If you like Van Morrison and you like Jeff Buckley you really need to get this amazing CD by Nicolai Dungar called “Here’s My Song” – I give it five stars.  Amazing stuff.  What a great voice he has.

Bumblefoot will be a guest on the Alien Rock Podcast next week – Episode 6. 

The best METAL album of this year is “Sacrament” by Lamb Of God.

Mark Slaughter is on Monday’s new episode of Talking Metal.

11/21/06 – We are told 11/21 is not the release date of Chinese Democracy but there is talk of something else happening on that day that could be pretty cool.  A pre-Thanksgiving treat…  I can’t say anything more then that but as soon as I am given the “ok” I will fill you in on more details.

Buy all your music gear at MUSIC 123

If you are in NYC this Friday stop by Underscore on 1st Ave (at 90th Street) way uptown to catch a 7pm show by the band Ronin – I will be there!

The Pirates are coming AND they are playing their metal loud!


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