Chinese Democracy before 2007

September 6, 2006 at 4:47 pm (Rock)

Baz is now signed to Sanctuary management – just like GnR.

Again, this comes from inside Interscope: Jimmy Iovine (head of Interscope) has heard as many as 6 finished tracks off of Chinese Democracy. Interscope would like to get this album out soon… hopefully before the end of the year. —— Quote from insider, “It is really happening.”

Axl told John Norris the other night at the VMAs that it is coming this year.

My co-host on Talking Metal, John Ostronomy, was with Axl the other night – see news here. We will discuss this in next Monday’s episode of Talking Metal

Check out the RnR Geek show episode 190 for an intervew with Sebastian Bach. The Rock N Roll Geek show is my favorite podcast.

Also, A couple listeners of Talking Metal are starting their own podcast called “The Right To Rock!” – check it out.

The new Maiden rocks!

I am traveling non-stop this month… Indiana, New Mexico, California, South Jersey…. Checking out from midtown Manhattan.



  1. Ali said,

    Hey Mark,

    Love the podcast. I enjoy checking out your blog as well. Just out of curiosity, how confident are you in the info you received about finished new GN’R tracks being heard by Iovine? Does your source have any idea what Iovine’s reaction was? Did he think they were great, that sort of thing?

    Keep up the great work with the podcast!


  2. Strigl said,

    I am very confident that Jimmy has heard 6 tracks recently. Who knows, maybe he heard the whole thing.???!!! I am told they brought over 6 track to play for him. I know people are doubting me because of the John 5 thing… bottom line is John 5 was contacted by Sanctuary last March/April… at least that is what he said backstage at Zombie’s show. I didn’t hear what Jimmy’s reaction was. They said they would not be surprised if it happens this year. They also said Chinese Democracy is coming soon. They said “This is really happening.” Later that same day Axl got on TV and said it is coming this year. I guess no one believes anymore BUT they should this time. I believe this album will be amazing. We, the true fans, need to support this album 100%!!!!!!! I plan to buy 3 copies myself. A lot of the older casual Guns fans will not rush to the store to buy it because it is a new lineup. We must all ban together and show support at shows too! Check out the news section on for updates!

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