August 31, 2006 at 9:11 pm (Rock)

Interscope still has not ruled out a 2006 release date for Chinese Democracy. It is getting late in the year at this point but they “would not be surprised if it comes out before years end” I am told things are moving along and it will be released sooner then later! Axl told Rolling Stone in January that people would hear new music this year.. AND I don’t think he was referring to the leaks… From what I am told, Interscope higher ups have already heard some but not all of the “new music.”

Speaking of the leaks, they are great… some of the best new rock I have heard in sometime. Everything is pointing to this being one of the most amazing albums of the last few years. Tonight Axl hits the MTV’s VMAs here in NYC. He will not be performing… I urge all Guns N Roses fans to check out this fall’s tour. This is a new GnR era. You have to see it to believe it. Get over the fact that Slash is not in the band. Van Halen made good music without DLR, Maiden made great music without DiAnno, Pink Floyd made great music without Syd, Axl is making amazing music without Slash. To be fair, Slash & Duff are making great music without Axl.

I was just over there watching Fergie (sp?) rehearse outside. She looked short in real life. She had a bunch of Buckingham Palace guards walking around in front of her. They are using the NBC Good Morning America stage for some of these outdoor performances.

This new Lamb Of God album is amazing… SACRAMENT! It hit #8 on this weeks Billboard US chart- exceeding first week sales of the recent Slayer album.


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