The Continental Rock Club – NYC – is closing

July 27, 2006 at 5:09 pm (Uncategorized)

This club has been an historic NYC rock club for like 15 years. I have seen so many great shows there. In the 1990s and 2000s the Continental was much more apart of the true local NYC rock scene then clubs like CBGBs. I mean no disrespect towards CBs (a club that I love) by saying that but it is simply a true fact. For better or for worse, The Continental never broke through in the mainstream rock press like CBGBs did and in some ways that is why it became much more of a club for the true local talent. When the Continental announced that they were closing you didn’t see bands like Disturbed asking to play there but you did see them playing at CBGBs last year during the whole “save CBs” campaige. What does Disturbed have to do with CBGBs anyway??? That is a whole other rant I won’t get into now.

Tonight John Ostronomy and Captain T will play at the Continental one last time.

AND here is a press release the club just sent out. Many of you know I loved Spacehog… I hope to be at the Arckid show (although I am going to see Muse that same night so I am not sure). Thanks to Trigger (and Noel) for giving us so many years of true New York rock.


The Continental, NYC
25 Third Avenue (at St. Marks)

Antony and Roy Langdon, formerly of Spacehog, have added younger brother Chris and original S.H. drummer Johnny Cragg to form the exciting, new band Arckid. They’re currently in the studio finishing up their debut album and playing their first live show at Continental Thursday, August 3rd at midnight. The new material is consistent with their great song writing, incredible harmonies all with their own, and unique spin of their Brit-Pop roots. Catch them playing at a smaller venue now while you still can!

Continental will be closing its doors for live music after its final show with Murphy’s Law on September 16th. Arckid will play again on the second to last weekend of the club – Friday, September 8th.

“They’re easily the best new band I’ve heard in many years.”
-Trigger (owner of Continental)


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  1. Don said,

    First off, great blog! I’ll be linking you to my blog. We need more music related blogs out there!

    It sucks that so many of these great clubs are closing down after years of spawning some of the greatest bands ever.

    We’re heading into corporate hell folks. Hold on and clinch your buttcheeks REALLY good!

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