E-mail from listener – Guns N Roses!!!!

June 20, 2006 at 7:22 pm (Uncategorized)

Hello Kids – I'm back in the NY Groove. Check out Talking Metal 74. It is a great episode. Lots of metal talk on Guns N Roses, Metallica, Maiden, Dio, Black Metal, etc.

John is working hard on the new Talking Metal store. We hope to put some promos and maybe a show open together soon too.

Here is an e-mail I got in response to one of the e-mails I read in the podcast:

This email you read today by Michael B. saying that Chinese Democracy is not GN'R was ridiculous. Axl was always the main person behind GN'R. The rest of the old band were all good musicians, but Axl was the band member who made GN'R stand out above everyone else. And judging from the leaked songs and seeing footage from live performances, Guns N' Roses is actually superior now. "Better" is better than anything off of the Illusions, and it's almost on par with the best songs on Appetite. And that's judging from a leak, not the final version. The reason GN'R gets so much static from certain people is because they choose to be stuck in the past rather than listen to the actual music and give it a fair evaluation. Oh well, it's their loss.


Thanks to Victor for his e-mail! I still wonder what Axl was doing in NY for those 3 months. Did he mix or master Chinese Democracy? If the album is really coming out in September, we will hear something real, real soon. In my opinion, if we hear nothing from the label or management about a release date by the middle of July, it ain't coming out in September. What is up with the official GnR site ? http://www.gnronline.com I mean they are still selling Buckethead T-shirts, none of the current tour dates are listed, no new news listed. BTW – Those Buckethead t-shirts are really bad-ass. I bought one awile back. Why did Guns' guitarist, Richard Fortus, remove all the tour dates from his site a few months back? Why is new member, Bumblefoot, linking people to a unofficial fan site for tour dates? The Guns N Roses/Axl mystery continues. This Guns N Roses stuff is by far the most exciting and mysterious thing happening in rock today.

John and I met up with Tera Patrick and Evan Sienfeld again last night. We hope to have them on the show next week. Tera is on the cover of this month's FHM.

Headlines for today:

Audioslave's new album hits on 9/5/06.

The power pop rock band, The Mynks, are in the studio with world famous engineer/producer Arun Venkatesh (known for his work with Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, Overkill) recording 3 tracks. My wife is the singer of this band.

AOL Radio has added a "Power Metal" station to its lineup.




  1. Roy said,

    Shocking! –rohlngkj

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