I guess Warhol wasn’t wrong Fame fifteen minutes long

June 15, 2006 at 6:12 pm (Uncategorized)

One of the Blabbermouth comment posters is now famous. T-Boner is one of the dudes who is always putting comments up on stories that appear on Blabbermouth.net Lots of people hate this guy and lots of people like him. He now has his own site. The real surprise is the site is somewhat entertaining.


I have had 2 major metal stars tell me that the read every comment posted about them on Blabbermouth. I was going crazy a few months back, reading everything written about me and our podcast on various different sites and message boards. There are some real dicks out there. I'm proud to say that I no longer visit message boards. Sure I read Blabbermouth everyday but I don't go to band message boards anymore. Lots of people keep requesting Talking Metal message boards…. I guess I would have to visit those if we put them up.

T-Boner has a cool interviiew with Lizzy B here AND i HAVE A COOL intv. with him too on the new podcast.

me Today Ron Wood is back in rehab and I am wearing a shirt with 2 Stones patches on it… a strange Coincidence indeed.


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