Gods Of Metal – Guns N Roses kill!!!!!!!!!

June 9, 2006 at 2:20 am (Uncategorized)

I just got this e-mail from a listener in Italy.  Thanks Spike!  You Rock!


Hey guys,

First and foremost I wanna congratulate you guys on an amazing podcast, I'm a new listener (Start tuning in at Episode 49) but you guys got me hooked and I'm catching up with all the old podcasts you guys did. So kudos to both of you for an amazing job.

I'm also writing this mail cos I was at the Gods of Metal festival in Italy (www.godsofmetal.it if ever you're interested) a few days ago and the headliners were Guns N Roses. Man, I gotta say that was one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen… I read the reviews of the NYC shows and heard your podcast on the show also and so I knew that it was gonna be great, but I never expected it to be that great!!! Everything was perfect, absolutely everything… From the pyro (Yeah, I remembered that little detail you mentioned from the first NYC show) to Axl's voice, to the solos, to Bumblefoot's (who's damn good) solo rendition of Don't Cry (leaving the crowd singing the song) it was just mind blowing. And after the show, still buzzed from what I had just experienced (also taking into account that I was exhausted from the previous days of the festival), I said to myself that I had to email you guys because I remembered how the Guns n Roses stakeout podcasts had entertained me and so I thought that maybe you also wanted to know how Axl and the boys did on this side of the pond… Well even if I was getting kinda worried after I got wind of a few glitches in the Rock in Rio, there was no doubt that Axl is back and you are right, even if this isn't the original GnR, it is one that we have to accept because they are just incredible.

So thanks again for keeping me entertained with your amazing podcasts, and take care.



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