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June 9, 2006 at 4:42 pm (Rock, Uncategorized)

Kiss smell– I am sorry, this is so stupid. Kiss are putting out a Kiss fragrance. We get this lame shit but still no word on Paul Stanley’s solo album. Why would anyone buy a Kiss fragrance? What does this smell… rotten eggs? Most chicks run the other direction from guys who cover themselves in smelly shit. Wearing cologne makes a guy look insecure and smell retarded. If you are looking to never get laid cover yourself in this shit… I am telling you it will work like a charm. Note to family: Please do not bury me in the Kiss coffin. I love Kiss but let us get real about some of these lame embarrassing products.

I really want to hear Paul’s new solo album NOT smell some new piss scented crap. They should start selling Kiss Piss. Buy actual piss from actual members of Kiss. I am telling you, Kiss Piss, will be the next product from the Kiss Empire.

Kiss are one of the greatest bands of all time & putting out all these goofy products doesn’t help people realize that. Stuff like this takes away from their music. Their music is amazing. Their live concert cannot be topped!

Episode 70 of Talking Metal has been posted. Use the links on the site to buy music that we feature in the podcast.

Shadows Fall have a new record coming out – Fallout From the War. I can’t wait to hear it.

Sebastian Bach is opening most of the Guns N Roses European Tour. We are planning to speak with Metal Mike on the podcast sometime this summer. Mike is the guitar player in Bach’s band. He also did some killer work with Rob Halford. Check out this cool picture of Baz and Axl here.
Guns N Roses have canceled their July 10th and 12th shows with the Rolling Stones. I guess it was actually the Stones that canceled the shows. Mr. Richards is still recovering from his accident.

Check out the Anthrax podcast – Thrax-cast – Brent and Scott chat it up. It is a great listen.

On June 3rd and 4th, in Germany, Metallica performed the entire Master Of Puppets album live. This is the 1st time they have ever done this! Master is one of the greatest albums ever made.

Some people have e-mailed me because they want the 1st ten episodes of Talking Metal. We have removed these episodes. Some of them are gone forever and some of them I have on disk at home somewhere. I have decided I don’t really want to give them out. They are weak. Sorry.

Keep in touch. Send me e-mails at

Thanks for reading the blog and listening to Talking Metal!


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  1. Roy said,

    Shocking! –roh6079a

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